23.3.13 / i sang and the glass broke


hweeelloooo again. it’s 1.40am, supposed to be sleeping because i got a long day tomorrow. i’m actually (ACTUALLY) excited to work tomorrow. i think because i finally got smth productive to do on a weekend. i know i should be doing my project but i guess making money makes up for it and i can rush my project on sunday or maybe tomorrow night if i’m home early.

so 4 days has passed since i whined and rant to you guys. ok i’m not gonna rant again, it can be quite annoying to people who don’t understand. haha. anyways, today was a free day and i kinda wasted it away doing nothing productive except consolidating orders and sending orders out for my shop.jellybeenie’s customers. besides that, i spent my afternoon… idk doing what, really. i watched running man, skipped many episodes from jackie chan till 137 because i’m saving it for W when he comes back so we can watch it together. but i couldn’t resist not watching the heat between monday couple (ahhh… so sweet, can’t they just be tgt?!!??) well, actually i think gary rly looks like W alot. haha. i’m starting to like him, he is such a sweet talker. like W. haha.

ok besides that, i really did nothing but stupid things. i actually went to record myself singing karaoke on youtube -.- my voice is terrible and i wanted to break the replay. HAHAHA my goodness. if you’re wondering what song i was singing/recording – I just called to say I love you by stevie wonder. the verse rly suits me, so dull and boring like there’s no wind but just still air.

I just called to say, I love you.
I just called to say how much I care.

then i quit doing that because it wasn’t working out. then i played with my dog. took a book out on my bench at the corridor and we both sat there, letting the wind blow our hair/fur… that’s prolly the only fruitful thing i did. yay. ok i need more part-time job, or maybe more motivation to sit down and study. starting from monday!!! i promise! I NEED TO STUDY.

my gougou chilling out with me at our corridor

ok i gotta go sleep if not i’ll have bad panda eyes tomorrow at work. W has been doing good, though he sounded rly tired just now when he called. he only calls me once in a few days when his ship satellite phone is up. so it’s rly nice to be able to hear his voice (: it makes my day and i can go on talking about whatever that has happened in my life. but for him, he prolly lost track of days already. i told him to hurry back home cos’ i prolly forgot how he looked like alr and i’ve to visit facebook everyday to look at his profile and tell myself “this is my boyfriend…. issit?” HAHA kidding. 6 weeks may be short t everyone, esp for those who has boyprennn studying for years but i guess it makes alot of difference t be able to see your boyfriend via skype or photos. i wonder how W look like everyday yknow… like did his moustache grow alr? are his eyes smaller or his eye bags bigger? his hair, issit v low now? is he sunburnt from working? … and many things like that. so this 6 weeks is just me and my imagination and his charming voice. 2 and half more weeks!


do support my online store – www.shopjellybeenie.com !!! girls, you will LURRVEEEE the bikini collection i’ve brought in! 😀 they are all so pwretttyy.

goodnight xx


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