25.3.13 / people thought i was 8-TEEN?!!?! :O


weekend’s over. children’s one week is over. including mine… because i didn’t go to school the whole week. back to reality tomorrow. i’m feeling exhausted but yet satisfied from the very fruitful weekend. it’s been long since i’ve done fruitful things over the weekends, which includes human interaction.

worked at dhsunglass ytd for the tart optical trunk show, dayummmmm! blammmm, we hit top sales in history 😀 but i must say i was exhausted throughout the day. in a blink of an eye when the crowd lessen, it was 5plus in the evening and that was the first time i was able to sit down and rest my legs and my mouth. being busy isn’t a bad thing. in fact i like it. time pass faster that way and we just wanna seize the moment but get the day over and done with!

today, i went back to coaching and teaching rollerblading. used to do that last year but i stopped due to other commitments. since i’m free and it’s smth i enjoy doing, i’m back and now, i coach rollerblading every sunday from 2-630pm. today, i had a mom student and she thought i was 18!!!! WOOHOOOO SAY WHUTTTTTTT 8-TEEEN?!?!?! and because my brother and i are coaching tgt, she thought my brother was older than me. the parents and kids were shocked when i said we were 5 years apart and i’m the elder sister ^^ (i’m delighted!! offf course)

the beautiful view i’m gonna have every sunday

ended coaching and had subway for dinner with my bro and his friend. then im back at W’s. omg the human traffic in the train is DISS-GUSTME. srsly… singapore is overpopulated and when we enter a packed train, people who are trying to enter apparently has NO SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. omgawd. if you see the people already filled to the edge of the train, don’t and i mean DON’T EVEN TRY TO throw your body and push everyone inside like sardines. damnit. we are not sardines. we are singaporeans and singaporeans ARE human. ugh. it pissed me off and i was rly speechless (disgustedly speechless) when i was boarding the train at bishan after changing from circle line. i entered and i was already near the edge, but some people of other culture, maybe they practice this back home, but they did it here. they charge in – like how we do rugby tackles? yup. they charged INTO US HUMANS and they are so comfortable with everyone being packed like sardines, skin-to-skin. HEWLLOOOO??? how about too close for comfort. sigh. i rly h8 everything about singapore’s public transport now. i do not even have to think about the service because i’m uncomfortable enough inside the train, trying to be a normal passenger and trying to feel normal.

ok i’m tired now. just finish part of my project. time to sleep. i miss my sailorboy. he just called and i’m so happy because just now, i had a missed call from him while i was at the supermarket because i didn’t have hands for my bag so i didn’t feel the vibration. but yay, i’m glad he called again. feel so happy, 16 more days! i’ve waited enough honeyyyy~ hurry home!!!

guddnight beautiful people x

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