14.4.13 / home sweet home, sailor

so no prizes for guessing WHOOOO’S BACK (;




it has been an awesome week since W got back from his sailing. being an awesome boyf, he bought me many many clothes and (omgawddd the very very pretty!!!) bags and food… and even our future-house anchor clock for our decoration (HAHAHA SUPER EARLY YA…..) he even bought both of us a very nice north-face winter jacket, though it’s 0.01% chance of us using any time soon. this boyfriend, is one in the universe! (:

this photo, taken on the day after he got back and he was driving me to school for class.

it makes me laugh whenever i think about what my best friend commented on this photo. “the face tells it all… W looks like he’s saying “sian, have to be chaffeur again…” and you (me!) saying “yay, i finally don’t have to take public transport anymore!! got somebody to drive me!” HAHAHAHAHA trust my friend to say that. but it’s so funny because it’s true to a certain extend – I HATE SINGAPORE PUBLIC TRANSPORTTTTTT. after suffering for the 6 weeks, squashed and disgusting “raped” by many people unintentionally (or not), i will face lesser of such incidents… well not because W is back, but because tmr is my last day of school till exams so yay, i’ll def avoid such peak hours!

but since W got back, it wasn’t rly a good week (besides having him around me was the best thing for me in a v long time) but i fell rly sick since thursday after coaching. thank God now i’m starting to feel like recovery is on its way. but i’ve wasted a good long weekend and i’m rly lagging in my studies :/ so stressed but im too sick to even function. manage t start alittle this afternoon but no, i need to put in 200% next week onwards. damn. im so guilty.

gahhh, anyways, tomorrow is my last lesson for this whole semester!!!! aiyah, i’m not a good student this semester and i failed my new year resolution. who says we keep up to them? lies! i’m gonna do one more sin tomorrow after school….


(just one more last enjoyment before i study my ass off!)


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