27.4.13 / just give me a reason

so hooked to this song now. it has a “Nate/FUN” kind of element to it, but i love Pink. she is so real and her voice is amazing.

it’s 2.22am and i slack my whole day having a shopping therapy at queensway, paid for cody’s dog passport before that (freaking $70 every year… damnit dog also must pay), bought new shoes (!!!!!! damn happy) and bought damn cute pins for sarah and myself (they were rly expensive but so damn cute, i was hooked!) hehe. i’ll share with you guys the photos from my shopping spree another day cos’ i’m so tired and it’s time to reward myself with a good night sleep and recharge for the “cramp-my-study” weekends. i h8 it, can’t wait for it to be over. i felt like i cld BREATHE today when i wasn’t facing my books or holding a pen.

so at midnight, W and i decided we took our shoes for a run for the first time. oh my gawwwd, i’m so unfit and i got a short nike run coming up in 2 weeks time, on my last day of paper. we ran and i was panting like a dog chasing ball. haha and when we reached our house, we decided not to stop but EN-ROUTE to the pub along sembawang road. HAHAHAHA. ok cos’ before we left house, W’s sister also came out and she told us she was going to the pub for a drink with another relative. so we kid about running to the pub to drink too. and sure enough, when we ended our run, we were thirsty and bored so we decided to brisk walk/sprint there. it was nice, a few glass and great conversations before the pub closed. i wld love to do this more often(!!!) a breather from exams = a beer is good.

so, tadaaaaaa!!! sneak preview of our lovely shoes. our shoes look rly similar but actually they are different colours. since neon is the trend and it happens to be my favourite colour too (PINK PINK PINK) we had t get it haha. it’s not about practicality for me. it takes ALOT to motivate me to do something and most of it is the outer appearance of it. hence, my sports shoe had to look pretty so it wld motivate me to run.

while we were running, i kept looking down at my feet to see how glowing and pretty they were.. it makes it worth the sweat (; i love pretty/good looking things. aiya, call me superficial or shallow, i don’t care haha. as long as it makes me happy and these shoes does! even when W was running, i kept looking at his feet, admiring his shoes. [LOVE IT]

ok i shall post more photos tomorrow to show you guys. meanwhile, goodnight!


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