28.04.13 / hear me out, i can’t sleep

can’t sleep againnnn…..

my brain have been a working machine the moment i woke up, or maybe even when i was sleeping – i always dream! 2 more days to my first paper for my second-last semester in (i-hate) university. last night was good after the run and an impromptu en-route to the pub for some some beer. oh yeaaa…. life’s good!

but got so tired today, only studied intensively for 4 hours and i was brain dead. damnit. came home, didn’t even study but watched an episode of running man and then i was on the computer till now, bringing in stocks and compiling photos. ohohohoh! we have new stocks in for shop.jellybeenie! do check them out, click on the little tap i made it easier for you to read on new updates on my blog and support me (: my dream is to open a shop…. but cos’ i’m a student and i’m very sadly poor, not born with a silver spoon or a silver pocket, my dream is too far for me to reach. i rly rly wanna have my own shop – the thought of decorating my own shop, serving my own customers and selling the things i believe in SO MUCH (ohmygoosh, that feeling is so damn good) but in singapore, we can’t. everything is so expensive and i’m a poor girl, stuck working for people, decorating people’s shop and selling people’s things. I WANT TO BE MY OWN BOSS AND SELL MY OWN PRETTY THINGS (!!!!) well, having said this, i rly rly rlyyyyy welcome any generous sponsors or investors (; serious ok. you got my email/number, call me maybe?

aiyah ok, i’m dreaming.

Pinned Image

like how i wanna be like her one day, in my own yatch, in my own sailor girl suit.

Pinned Image

she has always been my inspiration.

Pinned Image

and OHMYLORD, will i ever get a chance to visit such a place? Italy for you.

Pinned Image

my future kid, if i decide to have a baby, she/he can only be this cool.

baby talk, well, we had it (the baby talk) a million times (don’t worry, no shotgun plans pls. out of the list!) and sometimes we are confused. one moment, we say, yes we should have kids next time… won’t be so lonely like some people i know…. got people take care of us… but then, looking from some other lives, suddenly just living in our own “perfect tiny honeymoon couple world” seems to be HEAVEN. no commitments, no responsibilities but just both of us. don’t need to worry about tuitions, grades, fees, BGR, shotgun, school, fights blahblahblah the list goes on. see? the list for kids never seem to end, and i admire all parents *salute* maybe i’m still young. as of now, i’ve no big heart to share my life with a kid. i have yet to even own my own chanel or prada bag yet. i have chanel earrings though (but they are a gift from my uni friends) how did our parents even born kids, earlier than my age?!!!?!?! didn’t they think about how much more they can do without kids tying them down? oh man… my mom must be rly noble.

ok so, if we have kids, they have to be fit, good looking, suave and cool. fashion sense up, 6-pac ready and manners and ethics there! (HAHAHAHA ok i think i better not have kids….) i’m so unrealistic. GEEZ. ok no more kids talk, it ends up nowhere.

Pinned Image

maybe a cool sailor dog is more realistic. haha.

and lastly, i wanna share with you my recent fetish….


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

and presenting to you…. my new ownership of my new running shoes(!!!)


sigh neon colours are so addictive. it’s like eating 1 m&m, and you just want more! hahahaha. love it love it love it.

alright, goodnight now. W is picking me up at 9.15am sharp so i can go watch his soccer / study. i think the latter might be abit hard….. ok we’ll see. i need to get my 34567889 words into my case study. gahhhhhh. nights!

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