02.05.13 / come what may



so… this is me with no make-up, morning hair, haven’t bathe but being vain early in the morning. (pardon my imperfections) i’m in love with this houndstooth dress from shop.jellybeenie! i always wanted to wear skater dresses but because i’m not skinny or anything, they don’t fit me/suit me very well… but this dress is perfect! i’m gonna wear it for this part-time work event at HSBC ASEAN conference. i need to get used to skater dresses at the mean time.

so i finished my first paper on tuesday, damnit. my fingers are bruised and as exhausted as my brain is. i spent my weekends copying all my notes on the case study but guess what, NONE of them came out; the only ones that came out were the “last minute” notes i wrote on the exam day itself when i woke up especially early to write. thank God though, i spotted 3 full questions but out of the 3, 2 of them came out. yay. but idk if it was as easy as it looked…. many of my seniors said this b2b marketing module is the toughest and hence, explain the high rate of re-takers. i just pray for the best!

i\m dreading my last two papers next week. oh my gawd. its back to back on friday and saturday and yknow what, both modules are TOUGH and so similar. haiyah. everything in marketing degree is similar…. marketing positioning, buyer behaviour, segmentation, product specs…. so nauseous just thinking about it. now my fingers are so ugly from all the copying; developed like some thick ball-like blister. yucks. i hope it goes away.

so, as i mentioned… we were planning for a trip. we were planning to go back to places we have been before because we know they are the best and going to new places which are similar would be a waste. (see! never go to best places if not you wouldn’t find the interest for other similar states) so… phuket or goldcoast?????

guilty as charged, i took a break from books today – labour means “all the working people don’t need to work” as quoted from W’s cute niece, sarah. i laughed at her cute innocent response and yes, she is right. so i guess for a student, our “work” means study… so hence, not studying today! which gave me the time to sort out my new STOCKS that arrived today 😀 yay!

shop.jellybeenie has new stocks available for grabs and best of all, i just launched the 10% STORE WIDE discount!!! So happy, though it’s small in number, but we reached 150 followers 😀 and i also had time to post up the promo-a-day which i think is rly a steal!!!!!!

here’s a sneak preview of what shop.jellybeenie just launched!


mmm…. i can’t wait to share this love, so i had to give it a steal-price!

well, blogshops are too common and popular these days. i felt that the best way for me to be “special” being a small-fry is with cheap and lower price. i’m working my best to that, so meanwhile, the more support = the nearer i get to my aim = the nearer you guys can shop cheaper! 😀

harem shake in your harem pants; hahahaha don’t laugh. these harem pants are so nice and fashionable! it’s my first time i’m gonna wear those i purchased too! hehe. oh, and i’ve been wanting to post up REAL-LIFE photos of myself wearing all the clothes i sell so that you can see them instocks, but i just do not have a proper clean background :/ hence i am not able to take any of them in it. i do post some on instagram…. but they are like narcissistic photos with 5% of the clothes in the photo and i don’t wanna hire a photographer or a model as that would only increase my prices of the clothes BUT i don’t want that!! i wanna sell them cheapcheap (;

all these clothes are HERE!!!! 😀 will post the prices up real soon!

thanks for reading my midnight rants again. hehe i’ll be good and do good updates and write ups once my exams are over (11th may!)



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