15.5.13 /HEWLLOOOO.

aloha, i’m sorry for the long hiatus but i’m proud & happy to say I’M BACKKKKK!

i’m so glad yet scared that exams are over. it’s a hot & cold thing… you h8 exams, you get so happy it’s finally over but you fear your results. the whole tramamama exam gives, it’s only a student’s privilege i’d say. haha. anyways, eversince my last paper on saturday, it was non-stop movement for me in my life. i hardly even sat at home or rest at home since sat!

after my paper, i was dead beat. all i wanted to do was go home, which i did and caught a good nap but almost overslept because i had a short nike 5km bff run at 6pm.

i brought my new shoes for her second run / first long mass run! lovin’ it, it’s so striking, you can hardly miss it. haha.

bff run says it all ; you can only run with your bff right?

then i bump into a old rugby friend! what a small world (:

and you know, this nike run is a girls run. well, guys, you wished you weren’t here and thank God you weren’t. haha. it’s so funny just being in a girls run and seeing all our “beautiful” habits! recently, i saw an article about “taking photo before food is considered a mental illness” – guilty as charged. and for this, “taking photo before you run, must be a mental illness”. gosh, i thought we were the only one doing it, but while waiting for our turn to run pass the start line, everywhere we go, people asked us to help them snap a shot, and in return, help us too. ok, we can’t blame entirely that we are weird…. the scenery was good! it was exactly where i teach rollerblading every sunday at gardens by the bay. who doesn’t wanna share the beautiful run scenery?

our happy mental illness haha!

and yeap, results of the nike run was out recently – i did under expectation i guess. i never ran 5km before so i don’t know my timing or what’s a good timing for it. i did 32 minutes… i was expected below 30 min for an aim :/ but ok. i didn’t train at all so i guess this will do. however, i think i could have done less than 30 minutes if not for people who actually hogged the way / the very very cramp squeezy small running route. it wasn’t enough to contain the huge number of runners! ok they had enough complaints on their facebook page and i know this isn’t nike organizers but it’s hi-velocity. nike is just a sponsor (fyi). so yes, i guess the route seemed ‘nice’ but when you are running competitively t push yourself, this is shit. it ruined my timing… half the time, i had to slow down and lose my momentum cos of inconsiderate people who ran tgt with their friends (or wait, should i say do a fun big walk/brisk walk) and they stood in one straight row! oh my goodness? if you wanna walk, it’s fine cos i understand you can be tired, but the unsaid ethics and courtesy is to think for those who are running at their top speed, at least keep to the side! sigh, pisses me off that i spent a few minutes “emergency braking” behind them and ended up strolling behind the strollers who pretends nobody is behind them. horrible.e

so besides that, i don’t have much complaint cos’ it makes up the whole run actually. – i even witnessed a guy who proposed to a girl at the finishing line when she finished running… awwwww- i’m not sure if i will ever participate nike run again cos’ it’s overcrowding and maybe the remaining 5 million people in singapore have not tried nike run, so the next is their turn and i shall step aside. i wanna join SHAPE! heard the goodies are good hehe. we shall see about that!

went for geylang dinner after with M and sailorboy. ok W was a sweetheart… he sent me to the run, and waited for me the whole time. thanks honey (though you might not see this) he’s really a great catch, i’m proud of my awesome fishing rod that brought me this good catch (; geyland mongkok dimsum was alright, i still miss swee choon the most. i MUST go back soon to eat the custard buns and red bean pancake -slurps. we ate to our hearts content and went home. after which, being the first night after exams,  i wanted to drink so we went to J’Bar with xh for some drinks and darts but ok expected of me, i became a sleepy drunkard. haahahaha.


so if you’re wondering how i’m spending my holidays ever since the end of exams, i guess i haven’t start resting! monday came, i went back to work – i missed work so much ever since i stopped for the past month due to exams- some of my friends told me i need to rest and stop being a workaholic… i guess i’m rly not used to not working. it’s like when i’m doing nothing, i feel like finding something to do (which happened for shopjellybeenie.com!) worked at hook&union at OC on monday, my first day there since they opened that shop. i’m still under dh.sunglass, just that it joined hands with another shop to form hook & union. it’s nice and quiet but really cold. haha first world problem with central air-cons. i enjoyed coming back to work.

today, tuesday, i’m also back at work! ^^ back to owning the cameras/photos haha. however, back to my home work-land ; haji lane. missed this place, but i guess i wasn’t feeling well again. felt the giddiness and nauseousness. maybe because i haven’t had anything to eat yet. it was nice to be back (:

this whole week will be tiring for me, navy open house is happening end of this week btw! so do go visit the navy if you haven’t, cos’ it’s a really cool event and plus, you see cool & good looking guys (aka like W) doing their jobs to protect the nation (aka us!). weekends come, i’ll be busy working too cos’ W will be busy at the open house.  tomorrow is kinda dreadful for me. i’m working for HSBC ASEAN conference and i have to be at fullerton hotel at 745am. ugh i’m a bad morning person. i can’t wait for the day to end…. i pray for the traffic to be kind to me tomorrow morning. damnit. CBD areas are CCBKNNSHAKSOWUE!!!


alright goodnight now!

till next time, do keep me on your bookmarks :*)



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