18.05.13 / work stories

when i said i was gonna have a busy week ahead, i didn’t know i was gonna have a REALLY busy-mouth week. yes, i was busy working odd jobs throughout the week, but my mouth did as much work. haha. i think i ate the most in my life for one week :O i’m stuffed and a lot fatter. ughhh thinking about the calories puts me off… and i haven’t had time to run.

so i worked at OC on monday, well, my shop dhsunglass has a new combined outlet at OC. tuesday, i was back at hajilane and boy, it felt so good to be back to “home” – i need to try to start detaching myself from my comfort zone to move on and grow up in the working world. life’s too good here… i’m gna graduate (!!!) i can’t be stuck in my comfort zone sigh. reality sucks, this is why.

then came wednesday and thursday; my HSBC ASEAN conference. it was fun, met new friends, ushered and looked after business meetings. i wished i had the right mind to be able to earn myself a seat in the meetings. everyone looked rich, posh, atas, business-minded, smart….. i always wanted to be a businesswoman when i was young but as i grow up and learn more about it, it’s minus 5 points each day. haha. i hate 9-5pm job. how boring!

anyways we were so well-fed at work! the event was held at Fullerton Hotel.

here is why….

breakfast day 1

breakfast day 2

well, we can’t have Breakfast at Tiffany’s so i did breakfast at Fullerton (; you can’t say no to american breakfast, hotel’s pastries… they are always so good and tempting. and they are the same food from the buffet place for the conference attendees. nothing lacked.

rarely i see the sunrise in the morning at home, but here i am, 8am at CBD area.

and sharing with you my day 1 outfit of the day;

business wear. hahaha i’m wearing my formal dress from river island (i only got to wear it like…. 3 times?) and a topshop blazer. mmm i like business outfits, maybe because i don’t get to wear them often. the saying goes, the grass is always greener the other side.

the people i worked with were so fun to be with! one of them was my friend’s rugby friend and she was so lovable and funny. gosh, i wished the event was alittle longer haha. though i dread to wake up at 6am everyday, i liked the friends and i was really well-fed. i was STUFFED!

12 cupcakes – got it during lunch when i went out to buy morning break for the others.

ok i tell you my food timetable for the event.

8am: breakfast before you start work (unlimited hotel breakfast pastries and food)

10.30am: morning break (light cooked food; sausages, eggs, nuggets…)

12.15pm: lunch (hotel’s lunch; 3 course meal!!!)

3pm: tea break (oh gosh, more food….)

and throughout, the staff’s hotel room was filled with food!! whenever i was hungry (which seemed like all the time idk why?!), i will go to the room like a squirrel and find food.

ok this seem ridiculously good but its true. my 3 course lunch.

smoked duck

salmon mmm yums!

AND THIS IS THE SEXXXX BOMB. Oh my goodnesss…… i loved the rum, pear… whatever that went well with it. i could eat 10 of this, if only i won’t grow fat. sigh, why can’t good food have no calories. unfair!

a better resolution photo from one of my colleague’s iphone

so being me, i always have embarrassing moments and this event is no exception. despite knowing my new friends for just less than a day, i already embarrassed myself 😦 firstly, during morning break, i took my food at the buffet counter and went back. the guys working with me saw my plate beside theirs and got a shocked “eh victoria, you really eat alot for a girl…. you eat the same portion as us guys!” uh-oh :X i could only reply the best defense “you guys just eat TOO little!” aiyah damn, showed my true colours of gluttony. after that, because i’ve been eating too much “man portion”, i felt sleepy. i went to the room and took a power nap on the table. usually, whenever i wake up early anytime before 9am, i will feel tired and i need a nap in the afternoon. but smth else happened…. the hotel room was so quiet, having 4 people in the room including me, my in-charge doing emails opposite me and two of my colleagues beside me. i fell into deep sleep cos’ the room was too quiet, you could hear a needle drop. BUT smth too loud made its appearance. i only knew it at the end of the day when one of my male colleague told everyone “eh victoria you really eat a lot… sleep a lot too. just now in the room, it was so quiet, suddenly your stomach made a very loud sound! i wanted to laugh but when i look at the rest of them to see if they tried to laugh, they act blur so i followed them but it was so loud. i looked at you to see if you woke up but no, you were in deep sleep.” oh vicky, it wasn’t on purpose ): i was so embarrassed! unglam points -1000x!

the next day, i tried not to eat so much but i was still v hungry. then i try to make AS MUCH sound as i could in the quiet room cos’ i was so afraid my stomach might start calling. then when we were outside in the main hallway, not rly quiet and one of the manager was briefing us, SUDDENLY my stomach screamed. OMG everyone looked at me. i heard it myself!!!! I HAVE A MONSTER IN MY STOMACH OMGGGG IT TALKSSS AND SCREAMS IN AN ALIEN VOICE SO SCARY!

yikes. bad move, i’m now known as the girl who eats alot + have a noisy talking stomach. gastric juices, or idk what digestive juice but i just know they are violent.

i wonder if anyone have such embarrassing encounters. how do i get rid of those noisy sounds in my stomach???

alright, i’m gonna leave it as it is here. with my unglam story.

here’s the outfit of the day for my day 2 hsbc conference.

i love this one-piece dress! it’s from shop.jellybeenie if you’re wondering (: you can get yours there too! it comes in this colour, mint and cream or pink and black. haha. i’m a UK 8 – 10 so this is a rly good fitting for me.

(haiyah dress so nice, but my stomach talk too much)

goodbye x!

till next time, stay tune for my entry about Navy Open House 2013 (:


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