30.5.13 / people

don’t you find it fucking ridiculous that people choose people to socialize with?


well, i do. especially when there is nobody else in the room with you, except that one person beside you. ridiculously insane.

and i have to say my gut feeling / natural mother nature’s instinct in me are 90% right. hence, i’m confident and stubborn to think my thoughts are wrong. 


it’s the end of the month. i hardly knew what i did this month. i shall do a summary tomorrow of my life good/bad doings this month. time passes so fast. i have work tomorrow and i dread it. only because…………… yup. i miss haji lane. 11.30am – 9.30pm at orchard central tomorrow, find me if you’re there. would definitely need some company to scare away the boredom around me. and not forgetting, the coldness to add to it. eerks. 

till you hear from me tomorrow,

goodnight x don’t let the bed bugs bite (;


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