30.5.13 / { pho adventures }

yesterday was another of my mid-week food adventure. i seem to love wednesdays more than fridays. i love it when i find time to wind down and stop everything that has been going on at the start of the week, and things that has yet been done at the end of the week; it’s like “time freeze” from reality and heck care about your troubles/work for a moment. i recommend you to try this mid-week wind down with me (; just treat it like a thank-God-it’s-wednesday. it works better than a TGIF for me (too over-rated). my TGIF are quite boring sometimes cos’ i like to laze on my couch watching the best movies on television to welcome the weekends. i don’t know, maybe yours work better for you.

so yesterday, like any other wednesday, i have coaching in the morning with my little cute (monsterous) kids at bukit view primary. it was shi’s birthday, we had a laksa feast at the school after our class. haha. we are hardcore laksa fans of primary schools, they all taste the same!

total damage: $2.70

if only all my food damages are so affordable, i wouldn’t have to work so hard. haha.

then i went home, supposedly waiting for a skype interview but there was so many miscommunication. it got me waiting since 2.45pm – 4.45pm till i gave up. i had too many things delayed. rushed out to meet my darlings at murray ave for my mid-week foodventure = vietnamese food, it is!

my pho, sliced beef. the beef was tender and delicious. not forgetting, happy hour ^^

the early birds, amethyst and claudia claudia

you have to try the spring rolls, as recommended by claudia – it was SO GOOD. i’m not a fan of spring rolls, but this is exceptionally tasteful and interesting!

with the deanna who was in her nua-wednesday, we are so not used to her talking at the speed of 10km/hr when she usually speed through her words at 120km/hr. and not forgetting, the one-word answers. or two. when the usual her will take a sentence and repeat it 10 times in your face as she shake you to answer.

my new found love friend, claudia claudia who gave me a mini-theory research lecture about her essay on Buddhism and also, my first friend from threadbare ever since i worked at hook&union.


we just kept taking photos and delayed the shop from keeping their tables. girls…

the union of hook&bare = when dh.sunglass and a threadbare squrriel come tgt for a food session

love them


if you’re wondering what was my mid-week foodventure last week, here you go.

i had oysters, wine + jap cuisine @ tanuki bar/bistro. i always pass by that place and it looked so tempting, i had to try. what’s even better is their oysters happy hour is only $1 for one! fresh freaking oysters, it is so so so fresh… you got to try it yourself. (no, i’m not paid to advertise for them and i wished hahaha)

truffle fries was so damn good too! anything truffle seems good actually!

we ordered a bottle of wine too but not very sure if it is under happy hour price


oh and you should ask for outdoor seating if you can. i liked to be drinking at the top of the bustling busy city, though it would be perfect if the weather was cold. but do try it!

and at night, we went to indulge in bah chor mee and udders ice cream waffle after sailorboy gave a kind offer to fetch me from town (: love it when he does that. and the girls loved him too…. they have been blabbering on how much they “need to find a Wilson” too.

ohoh before that, we did manicure at fareast after oysters. what a great pampering mid-week session! i feel so refreshed to fight the remaining of the week with my pretty nails + fly-high stomach.

oh but talking about food, i fell really sick over that long weekend – due to overeating of too-good-food. damnit. i had 3 international seafood buffet and i think i had too much oysters to eat thats why i fell sick. sigh. the revenge of gluttony.

i need to kill this gluttony in me!

happy mid-week everyone!



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