02.6.13 / general info; blogshop & shopjellybeenie

But she is a woman of strong feelings anyway, of either dislike or enthusiasm. Generally they are of dislike. Others, including me, infuriate and frustrate her. It is disturbing, the way I am compelled to share her feelings, though I don’t know the people. As she talks I see why I leave the bathroom door open. I can’t be in a room with her for too long without feeling that there is something I must do to stop her being so angry. But I never know what I should do, and soon I feel as if she is shoving me against the wall and battering me.

hmmm sunday’s thoughts. if you know me well, you know what i’m talking about. aye ye ye. anyways just finally launched a whole new branch of new arrivals. there will be more new arrivals coming up tomorrow for shop.jellybeenie so do stay tuned and keep your support for us! rly appreciate it (: blogshops are really hard to start up now. EVERYONE has a blogshop, say maybe 6/10 people? And that statistics is hard enough to keep up with the competition in this tiny singapore island when everyone is selling the same old clothes which makes it even harder for people to differentiate your shop.

if you’re wondering what so special about shop.jellybeenie?

#1. firstly, we do INSTOCKS & PREORDERS

when we mention instocks, do grab yours fast cos’ most likely we will not be bringing it back again. haha. if not mentioned, it will be open for orders so do put your orders up for us to reserve a piece for you!

#2. fastest and most efficient shipping & delivery

okay if you shop online often enough, you will realize the other blogshops that do preorders too takes at least 1 month to get your item shipped, if not 2-3 weeks! (that is crazily longgggg for me…) and if not the duration, they need to purchase in quantity and will not send out orders until they reach a certain number of orders (for example 10 orders needed to purchase this dress…. so they need 10 buyers.) for shopjellybeenie, don’t fret! we do not have any of these. our preorders are IMMEDIATE. when you order smth from us, after we verify your payment, we will send your orders out IMMEDIATELY. your item will be packed and sent to the warehouse which might need half a day – 1 day. then it will be shipped back and shipping time is 1-2 days only! if bad shipping conditions then 3-4 days. when we receive it, we will mail it out to you or meet up with you to collect. as simple as that (: no need for you to wait for 10 other people who is going to buy the same thing as you…. don’t you hate wearing the same clothes as others and bumping into them on the streets? i do.

#3. we have ongoing promotions

10% off if you like our facebook & share the item that you are purchasing on your wall. as simple as that (:

BESIDES THAT, did you realize how ridiculously cheap our apparels are?!?! we MIGHT sell similar items as other blogshops, but their prices are always $25, $28, $32…. why pay more? that is why we only give you cheap wholesale prices at $15, $18 and for premium, $23. if you buy more pieces, the more discounts you get! (that applies to 5 apparels and more)

trust me, you can check our apparels and go compare it with other blogshops. it is the same but just a different price tag. you choose.

#4. we carry many different styles and design apparels!

we do not follow collection based. like many blogshops, they do collection base and once their collection is sold out, no more clothes but past collections. but for shopjellybeenie, we have ongoing apparels. all our clothes never get lesser but we keep bringing you more and more everyday!

#5. constant update of new apparels (new arrivals) every day/week

it depends on our schedule but whenever we can, we will update the facebook and our website www.shopjellybeenie.com with new items. do check them out! it doesn’t mean our apparels are still the same boring ones from the ones you saw last night :p

#6. we do have SIZES

for many items, if they are not mentioned S, M or L means they are Free Size. But do note: Free Size for our shop is BEST FITTED for UK 6-10 max. However, for many of our apparels, we do manufacture various sizes as we believe every individual needs their custom fitting.


lastly, and most importantly, everything is ALL BRAND NEW. ever since shop.jellybeenie had instagram, we realized many people kept asking us if we could trade and stuff. no? alright, i’m slow but i realized the popular trend now on instagram is instashop which means everyone can have their own shop on their instagram just taking photo of their belongings and sell it. but trading clothes is alittle too much isn’t it…. i don’t know about you but i don’t want to wear a dress that has been worn by 5 other different people on i dont know what occasions. just a personal thought.

so do not worry, all our items are BRAND NEW and all in proper packaging and sealed and imported from overseas. do not worry about having someone else’s smell on it (:


thought i shared a little general information about shop.jellybeenie (: we finally send out orders for our second batch but my worry is when delivery will arrive. i’m placing hopes on wednesday because……. i’m gonna be away this thursday 06june till 16june sunday. i’ll share with you where i’ll be going in time to come (:

if you haven’t seen our new arrivals, you have to(!!!) i love all of them and i’m gonna get some for myself too. shall feature some of them here for your reference.

The Simpsons

this is a premium dress. comes in three colours, yellow white and green. love the prints. every simpson on it is cool and black. for more information / measurements, do check out the website www.shopjellybeenie or our facebook page or you can use my little tab on the top of my blog for a summary post.

AND IT’S ONLY $21…… it will most prolly go on other blogshops at $28 or more. so yea.

Deer in a Triangle

everyone needs a nice shirt isn’t it? some designer prints to go with your skirts other than just basic shorts. this is it for you. 3 colours to choose from.

Cut-Out Blouse

my favourite(!!!) i bought one for myself too. haha. i have a weakness for cut-out prints….

Folklore Maxi Dress

the very popular folklore maxi dress. it comes in three colours and there has been quite a number of orders for it already. while stocks last!

neon skull head

neon is in trend now, see no reason why you shouldn’t get one of this (: i will post a photo of my outfits soon…. since i got my hands on quite a few of them ^^

hope you enjoyed my little post about blogshops and shop.jellybeenie.

do support us and like our facebook page to get our updates and new arrivals. if you would like a personal catalog, do email us at the website. we will look into it.

love out



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