04.6.13 / The Sons of the Sea

last few weeks has been rly busy week for me and sailorboy. besides work which i shared with you guys, when i was set free for the weekends, sailorboy was (so darnnn) busy at work preparing for their long-awaited grand Navy Open House. it happens every once in three years and it is something you don’t get to experience in your daily life. i’ve been to the navy open house 3 years ago, but that was with my mom and brother alone. despite that, i was very excited this year as this time, i’ve got a personal (handsome plus charming) sailor to personally bring me around! ^^

Navy Open House (NOH) was officially held over the weekends, 18th and 19th of May. However, 16th & 17th was open to the families of the Navy personnels so its definitely less crowded than the weekends. i went along on the 17th with sailorboy’s sister and kids and i went again on sunday, alone :] one love/hate thing about NOH is the hot sun you cannot escape from. i love when i get a tan but it’s crazy hot when you’re queuing up.

pardon for the different photo quality. i forgot to bring my Nikon on Friday hence, i used my old canon ixus camera which i gave my mom and yeap, on sunday, you will see better quality photos from my nikon which i remembered to bring hee :p

17th May, Friday

presenting the navy

due to the recent hype of anchors, sailors, navy and ships, i guess everyone has been rly interested in the navy. haha. i’m different, it has been an interest for a long long longg time and i guess it’s fate that i ended up dating a sailor too (;

so i got there earlier because sailorboy came out to fetch me frm home as i cldn’t get a cab. we managed to watch the performance with lots of action and firing/explosions. it was rly good to the extent that they can demonstrate to us. of course, we can’t see them launching missiles LIVE but the rest was good.

check out the crowd – this is NOT YET open to public. just the families of navy and student trips.

live demo of how the Chinook transport people

and these penguin-lookalike guys are actually our impressive divers. i cldn’t comprehend what’s wrong with their outfit haha. but i just kept laughing to myself in my head…. it reminds me of those japanese variety shows where they wear their spandex and act as if they are something.

more action ; you will always see these in any SAF advertisement and it’s ALWAYS awesome. this is actually what they do during exercises!

 and then in between, i got hungry (as usual) so we went into the food tent haha. it was filled with many little food stores and i settled for smoked salmon salad from the two blur men. haha. i got a little overly excited when he said that it comes with a free dessert and with my overly-excited-loud response “*gasps* omggg free dessert!!!”, the guy decided to give me TWO free dessert ^^ YAY.

my chosen ones. omg the yellow coconut cake is actually called Lamington and it’s my first time trying it. as you know, i have a very popular sweet tooth and THIS is REALLY delicious. you can google two blur men and check them out ^^ they seem rly nice people and their food were awesome.

so we went for phototaking + tourist sight-seeing with the kids

sailorboy with the kiddos

me in a helicopter :}

and presenting to you…. my sailorboy’s home!

this giant is his ship aka 2nd home

and i happen to take this shot when the navy guys were helping Mr Jason Chee out of the ship (if you can spot in the middle, the black shirt in wheelchair), former navy personnel who got into a very sad terrible accident at work recently. i’m happy to see him, being a fighter and inspiration to many who lost their limbs.

of course there must be a “I love NAVY” sign somewhere for such events (:

we had the privilege to be specially brought up to sailorboy’s ship. it is definitely not my first time though. i have visited his ship countless of times and i think i shared photos here before so pardon those repeated photos.

at the bridge

likeaaa badasssss *smirks*

not bad eh? i look quite like a soldier, minus the neon shorts and long hair. haha.

we took the mini speed boat out again. and again, we had the honour of standing on top where the navigators were, on top of everyone else below (: it was good. rly windy, you get the beach-hair…. but it was also very scary! the boat was so fast, i think i would have fall off if i don’t hold on to anything.

safety first, life jacket is a MUST

and this is where everyone else was standing

having the navigators beside us, i was watching how they steer the boat

huge waves, and you see how little handles are there for us to hold. so of course, this part of the boat is prohibited.

because we only reached in the afternoon, there was not much time to venture elsewhere, and by the time we finished this ride, NOH was closed and we had to leave. (we went for seafood buffet after…. OYSTERS FEAST!!!)


19th May, Sunday

the last day of NOH – supposedly the most crowded day for NOH. so i was supposed to go in the morning and on the way to the airport to change to a cab, i decided not to go because i saw the scary crowd on instagram… and sailorboy told me he will be quite busy so i didn’t want to bother him any further. i went home to play with cody but before that, i went grocery shopping at airport and bought him many snacks but little did i know, when i got home, my brother showed me a bag of dog goodies he got from a pet event(!) it’s cody’s month! (:

then  about 1 hour later, sailorboy text me to tell me i could come if i want because he will be free after 2pm and in no time, i took a cab out and got there at 2.15pm. boy, the sun was so hot but i was dressed for it. love the sun / tanktop, shorts and slippers, hello

and i didn’t forget my semi-DSLR nikon camera this time.

better? i guess you can’t rly see the difference unless you zoom in or you view it from a huge screen.

so honoured to have him bring me around ^^ it’s a total pride booster and i always loved him in uniform

so to make up for my previous visit in NOH, i have only visited LST in my life. so i wanted to visit other ships on that day cos’ i may never be back again. haha.

RSS Intreprid is a frigate ship. they are relatively newer or rather, newest in the navy and have more advanced technology and combat systems to accompany their stealth characteristics. they are the ships which will launch missiles and i thought that was so cool. but of course, nothing beats LST’s size. frigate is pretty small and their stairways were so narrow and steep!!

at the bridge, acting like i know what’s best :p

in navy, this is one thing i can never get used to – steep steps

in frigate ships, this is MY FAVOURITE thing onboard. their rooms! love the mint colour theme :]

one thing i can’t get used to in all the ships are the very steep high steps and the short ceilings and narrow walls. haha. i think it will be rly good doing stairs exercise!

submarine, rly curious how it is inside

and was able to explore and try many other hands-on things

love this shot, W took for me

during the open house, they had many overseas ships that came to visit too!

US ship

the aussie!

and we happen to catch W’s friend who happened to leave the ship.

hence, she went in to help us call W’s good friend from aussie to bring us around. really honored as it was closed for any tour already but his friend personally brought us everywhere and explained everything.

meet patrick

by then, i got really tired and sea sick from the boat swaying. i h8 how my seasickness is so bad, when Wilson is a sailor. haha. and to make it worst, i am hydro-phobic.

we headed back to W’s ship as the open house was closing and they had to pack stuff after it closes. i was so honored to be able to wait for W at his work cabin while he does his own stuff but when i first got there, i sat down trying to recover from my seasick and suddenly i heard his CO voice saying to check every cabin and make sure there is nobody else. i panicked. haha felt guilty i was “somebody” in the cabin and i thought of running into the toilet and hide 😡 but the CO was actually disturbing me. haha. he came in and had a short chat, after which they went to do their work while i slept in one of the cabin beds. what a nice, unforgettable experience on board ship (:

a navy officer does more work than the respect they get. definitely respected people in our society (:


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