17.6.13 / back in singapore day 2

back to reality. sadness. confused. lost. drunk. denial.

ok not drunk. i was still stoned and hungover yesterday when i got back to Singapore but not today. started work immediately after we came back (worst decision ever!!) i’m working for a CISCO event this 4 days from monday – thursday at Fullerton Hotel and friday i’ll be back at haji lane, home sweet home with my favourite dhsunglass girl ^^ i am such a workaholic, i don’t know why. is it money that motivates me? hmm i guess it’s the fact that it keeps me busy! i hate doing nothing and wasting my life away – cos’ that is when my mind runs wild and nonsensical. unless i’m drunk and hungover, i would rather stay home and stare at the wall.

i’m pushing my limits this week. i haven’t stopped running to the toilet since phuket day 1, ever since we have been feeding ourselves (just-alittle-too-much) alcohol. every meal that i eat, after 5 minutes, i need to run to the toilet. that bad :/ but i can’t believe i can tolerate doing this for 2 weeks. i guess it’s the bar i’m in love with…. nono, it’s the band i’m in love with. how can we not party?

my stomach has been the worst ever since i came back home and stopped drinking. it’s like all 2 weeks of detox accumulated in one day. i felt so horrible. what’s worst is i’m working (yay for money though) i wanna go back to phuket again. that’s the life i want. i just need to find a reason, or a job to bring me there. if only phuket needs a writer… haha i can be useful. someone, hire me!

ok back to work, back to reality. and what’s worst coming back home is the HAZE. it’s so bad, i have a hard time breathing when i was rushing to work. i hope it gets better, but anyhow, i will still get a mask later on. i miss wearing my bike heart-shaped mask at phuket. i only use that at taiwan when the weather was too cold and my nose felt like it was gonna fall off / phuket when i’m on the bike because of my ($1million) face HAHAHAHA. it’s a joke between W and I. me and my 1 million dollar face. i wished!

ootd for work today – formal wear, not my favourite. i miss my singlet and bikini and shorts.

i will write about my awesome trip to phuket next. stay tuned.



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