20.6.13 / {travel log in phuket* } the nice list

as promised, i would write about my recent (craayyyzzzzzzyyy) 2 weeks phuket vacation. i decided to give you snippets of what’s interesting and worth reading instead of going day by day “day 1… i went to the beach.. saw a bird… ate some sand… got sunburnt…” – ney ya?

so here is one of the most valuable entries i’m gonna write. it is worth remembering, keeping and worth the read for everyone.

you know, how i have a love/hate relationship with people. you never know whether they are mean or nice. you can’t judge the book by its cover. some people may have harsh eyebrows but they are saints. some, have wings behind their backs like angels but actually hidden horns under than hair. yeah so i guess, i always try not to bother too much.

however, this phuket trip shocked me and gave me many eye-openers. usually, W and i goes on many vacations like this, just the two of us, eat, shop, eat, shop and drink. this isn’t our first trip to phuket. we always try to go there at least once a year. and this trip, it’s exceptionally different. besides the crazy partying (i’ll write about that another day), there were many events that touched our hearts and we were speechless.

here goes, i wouldn’t save any compliments.


the best highlight of our trip *

the most AMAZING AWESOME NICEST COOLEST and biggest family we have ever met.

our favourite australian – The Balcon family!

(photo stolen from their’ facebook)

we met them at the bar we went to every night. they were there on the first night we went, but because me and W decided to be a hermit crab, we sat behind where nobody could see us. i only noticed that they were there after i went through the photos. we only got to know them after W and i got out of our comfort zone and danced at the little space the bar had. from then on, it was a whole new world for us – we were friends and we can’t get enough of the Balcon!

Balcon’s mom!

i didnt get a photo with daddy balcon though. he’s awesome.

their parents are wayyyy tooo cool. i wished my parents were like that, i mean, maybe my dad might if he is still fit and healthy but my mom, nah. the last time we went bali when i was 18, we stayed at hard rock hotel and i was hooked to the band so i went ย every night ALONE, with an orange juice in my hand… or maybe some nights my 12 year old brother would join me. but my mom, she said the music was too loud. and my dad, he is more interested in starbucks and coffee and the internet. boo. if i’m a parent, i would want to be like the Balcon’s. i will party all night, and just feed my kids more honey lemon drink to cure their hangover. :p

so back to story. the Balcon parents have got 8 kids. how awesome?!?! it’s hard to find such a big family now and the one fact i love so much about them is they are all so close to each other. i always wished i had many more siblings to talk to and play with. especially sisters!

we wouldn’t have got to know these awesome people if not for Jessie. she was nice to come sit with us and talk to us one night (: thanks jessie for an awesome new friendship(s)! can’t be more thankful for God dropping an angel like you in our lives.

and there is one more strange thing. one of their sister, Lucy. she plays touch rugby for SHARKS (thats my fav team in aussie) and when i represented Singapore for U20s in 2010, she was playing too! but i’m still not sure if she was the team i played against. among all the games we had, the SHARKS game was the most prominent and memorable. my team loved that game. it was the dirtiest, muddiest and the wind was so strong; when i passed the ball to my middle, it didn’t go pass to her. it just smack down vertically on the floor. haha. we didn’t feel angry, we were laughing on the field.

yep, this is Lucy. my touch rugby partner in crime – we WERE running down bangla street, so high, pretending we are in a very intensive rugby game, dumping, dummy half, doing splits, quickie, sonny bill, fakes and a dive. oh myyyyy goodnesss! now that i am sober, i’m actually laughing to myself (; what a great memory. i can’t wait to do that again when we meet soon!

this was us doing rugby on the dance floor.

i think lucy did a sonny bill ^^ with beer and breezer, we are gonna own the rugby field!

too high / too cool for rugby. love her! wished she was in my team haha.

this is rosie, another balcon sister. i love her! she’s so nice, so demure and gentle from my drunken memories. i remember we went to the foam party together and we were just talking about asians and yknow, stuff. she went like “but i love you babe!” awwwhhh, despite how drunk i was, my heart melted. i knew i have to know her FOR A LIFETIME YEAHHH.

oh and her boyfriend came along the trip, i remember talking to him about life. how the whole family moved to aussie from UK and he did too. i told him how much i wanna stay in aussie and he taught me how he did it and all. cool stuff. i’m gonna try after i graduate.

not forgetting the older sister of the Balcon family, Alice!!!

she loved my moustache watch, and i wanted to buy her one before they leave but i couldn’t find it in phuket. she gotta have one! (: though mine is already spoilt from the rainy weather at phuket. i love her tops and clothes, it’s always so pretty and, sassy! we have alot to talk and i’m glad we are still constantly in contact :*)

she loved moustache so much, we were like doing it to everyone’s hair. even the singer’s. (hahahaha)

introducing the youngest Balcon, Mary! (the pink left one)

omggahahsgdhjk. i remember when i got back to singapore, in my sober state, i told W i couldn’t get enough of Mary. she is SOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEE. and we were just trying to remember her presence. so cute, mary mary mary. wished i had a younger sister like her. she’s too cute, really! (cute is an understatement) haha. and i can’t believe she is that young!

with mary and exy on the stripper’s bartop. she wore this muay thai shorts and she went around doing muay thai moves and kicks in the club. haha i will never forget when she went up on the stage to “fight”. nice.

in the club, the sisters were crazily fun! i had the time of my life with them. wished they didn’t have to go home!

can’t get enough of her (;

oh man, we didn’t get photos with the guys though… charlie… mike… but i will never forget shuffling with them at the club in my drunk state. haha. unforgettable. ahh… this trip was so awesome thanks to them. i wouldn’t have gone up the bartop if not for them! ^^ they make me happy, carefree and fearless. meeting them at age 23, it’s not to late mate! (;

in all, we can’t wait for our next trip to phuket tgt again! ๐Ÿ˜€ WHY NOT?

and hopefully we can go down to join them for christmas at their home. love the Balcon’s xoxoxoxo


next up, (not in sequence)


the awesome singer. she joined thailand got talent before!

ok that’s not the point. but i wanna say, on our first night, normally for the past few trips to phuket, we usually hangout at red chilli pepper bar. but this year, when we walk past their bar, we stopped. and we liked the songs! we then headed to red chilli pepper to see if we wanna return to old times – ney! IT’S NEW YORK BAR ๐Ÿ˜€ oh, the strange thing is Exy told us she used to sing for that bar, so maybe we have been following her for years!

and once we stepped in that night ,we were hooked – so hook, that we went back every night for the 2 weeks we were there.

Exy is so good. she is so charismatic, good looking, fun, awesome and she is so damn cool. i will upload videos of her soon. but what touched me was our last night, i mean we do party tgt with the balcons every other night. but on our last night, the balcons left the night before and it was just me and W left. after they play at the bar, i was very very surprised and touched that Exy stayed with us, brought us around and introduce us to many different food… she even brought us to a club to party and stayed with us till my legs couldn’t hold! me and W was rly rly very very touched. this little gesture of hers was something big in our hearts – we didn’t expect her to stay with us because it was only two of us, and you know, we usually party with the balcons and everyone else so it was really rowdy and big and fun. but just two of us? thank you so much. we love you and come singapore! i remember i told exy in the bar that i will pay and feed her when she come. yea, i will (: and her girlfriend is coming to see her finally after many many months. so happy for her!

thank you for introducing this spicy thai raw seafood salad to us! W loves it… and for me, it’s nice too but alittle too spicy that i woke up from my drunk state :p hehe

thank you for your music, and for bringing us around. we love you and we can’t wait to see you again!


and our favourite guitarist… Nu. The guitarist that caught our eyes on the first night.

he is SO cool. such a heart throb. i’m in love with his guitar skills. always had a thing for guitarist. haha.

he is really good. i will try to upload a video on my wordpress soon.

nu and the bass guitarist. both of them are really cool.

and i like this bandana style he has – on our last afternoon, we rode around to find a gift for him. we got him a navy blue bandana. i hope to see him use it (: it will be great.

i remember the first night when we went there, they sang “you’re beautiful” and we were sitting so far behind. he sang it to me and i was so embarrassed. shy! then W was asking me, “why you don’t dare to look at him ah….. shy ahh…..” haha i got soft spot for people singing to me. so no no no.

haha but he’s good. i like the way he play the guitar, and he has a very nice cool outlook. oh and once he used his mouth to play :O HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!

on our last night, he accompanied us with exy to eat and drink. we were very touched because he bought us many drinks… though he didn’t drink with us, we know it is not cheap to the locals to buy drinks. but he still did. and he also bought us alot of food and he didn’t eat it for himself. we were so so touched (: can’t wait to go back and treat him to a big piece of chicken muahaha.

that’s the best guitarist i’ve ever met in my life x

thank you for your nice gestures. we really appreciate your friendship. we will be back for your music (:


then we met random tourist who bought us drinks and asked us for photo

On our last night we decided to party hard, although it was just two of us. Then we met new friends again! This group of koreans, asked me for a photo (: Felt as if we were the ones performing. I actually did pull a korean girl up to dance with me. The one in the floral dress hehe *shy*

I don’t know why they bought us drinks but it was so sudden, after we both finished dancing and return to our seats, the waitress passed us drinks but we didn’t order and she pointed at this couple, saying it is already paid. So touched (: I don’t mind dancing if it makes people happy!

our russian friends!!! we dance with them every night and it’s so fun (: they are awesome!

the rich 44 year old ladies we met at the club who bought us drinks

orh hor. W trying to hit on her hahahhahahaha $.$


this very nice shop lady

i will never forget her. i was just shopping around, then she started talking to me. unlike many other shop vendors who are so rude and persuasive and forceful. she is kind, gentle and soft spoken. i like her. and after we purchase, she said with tears in her eyes “i like her… i want to give this to you.” then she wore this bracelet for me. “this one i give you, good luck ok”

i was so so touched.


a lovely couple from australia too

tyson and wilson. they are best of friends.

this is mandy, tyson’s girlfriend and since our boyfriends are best of buds. we are dance buddies! ๐Ÿ˜€ love her!

hope to see them in aussie with the balcons!


lastly, i got no photo of this.

but on sunday, 9th June, it was raining so heavily at phuket and it flooded. after we watched the band, went to our bike and ride home. however, half way home, suddenly our bike just stopped and it turned out WE RAN OUT OF FUEL?!?!?!?!?! omg you know a YOLO moment when you are 23, and it is flooding and you are standing under the heavy windy thunderstorm. i didn’t know what to do but laugh in disbelief. this is nottttt happening!

however, this kind thai man rode past us and stopped to ask us what happened. he then ask us to wait while he call his friend to deliver petrol, but his friend took alittle too long so he decided to go out himself to bring petrol back for us. the streets blacked out and there was no light but rain hitting against our eyes. i was really really touched by this kind man. good things will come to good people. we tipped him in the end and he was so happy (: which made us happy too.

my experience with thai people in this trip is exceptionally good. i wished singapore had more of such nice people. we odd to learn from them.


before i end, i must thank a very very important person

my sailorboy.

this trip would not have happened if not for him. i love you (: thank you for everything baby. thank you for looking after me and making sure i was safe and unharmed. sorry for making you panic and disappearing. thank you for your patience and strength and everything. i really appreciate it.

he’s awesome, eh? WHY NOT!


till next time, keep calm and put on a mask -people in singapore-

i pray that the haze goes away… sigh. it’s causing me chest pains and tight chest which hurts so badly ):

the only way out of this? GET AN AIR TICKET AND FLIGHT OUT ๐Ÿ˜€

love everyone xx


  1. Hey Veek, remember the time at Timbre when I was in Singapore for a visit? It was fun too! Desmond and I went to Pump Room after that and had more stories. Hahaha! I did not go home that night. ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers~~~

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