23.6.13 / happy belated 18th birthday my little brother

this is dedicated to my one and only little brother.


his birthday was on the 10th June, but because i took a 2 weeks vacation to phuket, i didn’t get to celebrate with him and i think he got pretty sad (right?! :p) yeah, but i promised him i would bring back presents for him and yes, i did. i hope he liked them. however, on that night when i gave him the presents.. he looked kinda sad. i text him after, and he said “i like the presents, but i want to eat crab.”

it’s a yearly tradition for my family to eat seafood + crab on my brother’s birthday. i think simply because he LOVES crab (who doesn’t?!) and it’s better than getting him a birthday cake! i didn’t have time since i got back from phuket last sunday so we decided to have crab today!

but instead of going out to a seafood place, W and i bought crabs back to my house because my brother sprained his ankle and wrist. (i would like you guys to believe because we fought muay thai tgt and i owned him hehe!)

we had salted egg crab which was MY FAVOURITE and butter crab. i would wanna eat chilli crab too, my second favourite. dining at home is nice, i get to see my precious cody too(!!) he has been a really good boy especially during this haze period. he never bark and pester my mom to bring him down for walks due to the weather. i don’t know if he understands or he is just unwell from the haze. well, it’s nice being home since i seldom get to be home to see everyone. no time, work… and recently, i developed a very bad motion sickness + low blood pressure which almost caused me to faint and collapsed on the bus one evening – till now, i get phobia when i board a bus knowing it is gonna be a low distance so i try to keep food/sweets in my bag – i must be constantly eating.

had alittle bit of webcam fun and i shall leave you guys to laugh (or cry) at the photos. it’s a simple birthday dinner and i’m glad he is happy with it (:

love my two brothers (the dog and the human)


showing off my muay thai band – hiakkkk, are you ready to fight?!?!

he just hates taking photos…. he knows it somehow!

we ❤ cody!



how a big sister should teach her naughty little brother!

then my mom passed me this HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

last but not least, a decent siblings photo

happy 18th birthday, windsor!



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