26.6.13 / SO EXXXCITED (for reasons i cannot say) + 5 things drunk people do

today is rest day, so is tomorrow.

ahhh…. it feels so good to not work for awhile. but when it is the 3rd hour of my rest day, i suddenly feel like maybe it’s better to work. haha. i get bored easily and i need to do something if not i will end up eating. (eating and eating, that is my only hobby…. i just ate 4 boxes of hello pandas in TWO DAYS UHOH) or maybe i’m just a workaholic.

tomorrow is another no-work day. i decided to head back home to see my precious dog, cody. missed him so much ever since i’ve been so busy at work and then i went for 2 weeks vacation to phuket and when i got back, i didn’t have time to see him because i packed myself with work work work! i think he deserve ALL my time tomorrow. oh and it doesn’t stop getting busy from now on. my bff, matty is back on friday (!!!) yay it’s been ….. 22 weeks since he came back. haha. fun times. i hope this time i won’t get drunk at his house and end up locking his bedroom door with me inside sleeping or dance on his bar top like i did in phuket. ONLY IN PHUKET.

i’ve been very very dazed ever since i got back from phuket actually. don’t know if it’s right to even talk about this here, but i shall. i was drunk every other nights in phuket and every morning, i turn to W and ask him “what the hell happened last night?” and he would just laugh and reply me with a snore. i would then proceed digging for my camera to try my luck – cos’ usually when i drink, i don’t take out my camera to snap any photos because i would forget where i put it or even drop it – AND when i on my camera, i never fail to end up in a state of shock. i can say this for 10 days “OH MY @#$%^&^ DID I DO THIS?! NO I DID NOT DO THIS??? DID I BABY?!?!”

and he would look at the photo and laugh. “yes you did, you sure did…”



it was rly awkward for me to look at the photos. well, we would carry on our day and the whole day, i would be deep in my thoughts thinking what did i do, trying to recall everything + not forgetting, rushing to find a toilet when the alcohol decides to churn in my stomach and it doesn’t give much warning but just a time bomb of 50 seconds.

so that repeats for 10 days until we got back to Singapore. now, this is the REAL memory fix.

when we got back, i packed myself with work (which i kinda regretted cos’ i was so damn tired and hungover and unwell). i had the bad alcohol diarrhea for more than a week after i got back and although i was hungry, whenever i eat something, my stomach will churn and get into a painful state whereby i had to go to the toilet again. it was very inconvenient for me especially at work with the new bosses.

so whenever i had my toilet breaks, suddenly pieces of my forgotten memories start to come back. trust me, it can be amusing yet a nightmare. so now, it’s the 2nd week since i got back from the trip and i think whatever memory came to me is final. no more walking down memory lane. whatever i can’t remember, well, W already filled me up with the stories (esp the bar top night when the strippers were standing beside W while i was taking their job space up on the table whoopsie!)

my aim for my next phuket trip is – to be sober. or at least eat that raw seafood salad SOBER damnit!


i came across this article and found it REALLY USEFUL especially for me and other drunkards.

5 Things Drunk People Like To Do


1. Deny that they are drunk

yea yea, many of my friends always say that. i think i might have done that before, but it’s not really my thing actually. i am a VERY honest drunkard. i know whenever i get high or “hot”, i will admit and raise my white flag “b, i think i’m high…… i’m almost drunk, help me” then i proceed on swallowing the rest of the beer bottle HAHA.

2. Lose Everything they Own

YES. i know i know I KNOW that this will be very valid for me. that is why i don’t hold on to valuable stuff or even take out my camera or phone when i am drunk. being sober, i am already so forgetful and absent-minded. don’t want to imagine when i’m drunk. during the phuket trip, thank God for W who held onto my camera. the only things i lost was my make up stuff. which was pretty valuable.

3. Tell Other People’s Secret

nope, sadly i don’t do that. i tend to forget people’s secrets when i am drunk BUT i have a very bad habit of telling people MY LITTLE VICTORIA’S SECRET when i am drunk. ugh… i gotta stop doing that!!!! confession time, is definitely when i am drunk.

4. Kiss people they are Not Allowed to kiss

yikeeesss………. uh huh. i do not have to explain further.

5. Become Sad/Angry/Happy in the span of 10 minutes

sigh. guilty as charged. when W saw this, he laughed out loud. yup. that’s me. i can be damn happy and next thing, i am crying. haha. but don’t worry, when i’m crying, it takes me less than 5 minutes to be smiling and dancing again. one thing about being drunk, you forget your sorrows like a gold fish!


well, i did another crazy thing just after i got back from the trip. tell you next week ^^

till then, life haven’t got any worst!

it is my best holiday, EVER.




    1. My personal opinion – Nope! It can be fun…. but what’s even more fun are things you can’t remember doing when youre drunk. I like the suspense and thrill.

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