6.7.13 / Phuket travelogue ; life hardest truth

Just got back from the beach…

It wasn’t any other experience lying by the beach. Something happened that made me cry buckets of tears behind my sunglass and I feel so silly for being so emotional but it was really sad.

Was looking at the dogs, how happy they were playing with the waves, running and chasing each other. Then suddenly the jet ski people were riding this long wheely pass the beach and the dogs, I think we’re playing and trying to chase the car. Nothing special.

Then I heard a screech or a scream, from a dog. They got too carried away playing. One of them jumped over the truck, and the other got ran over. He suddenly stopped and from far, I could see that the dog was stunned and shocked! He started to whine and cry but still frozen in that position, looking back at the truck. Next thing he know, he started to limp and he couldn’t run or walk like he did a second ago….

Aiyah maybe I’m just too dramatic, but I could see the confusion and lost ness from the Doug’s behavior. Then I started to weep.

Haha and only have my friend to realize how emotional I was – cos she always thought I was emotionless.

Just a reflection.

I guess this life. One moment you’re running and playing and enjoying, but next thing you know, you might never be able to do that again. Or maybe, never get to see that person again.

This is the scariest truth in life.
You never know how important it is until its gone.

I’m going home in two days.
Mixed feelings, but it’s nice to go back to your loved ones.
That’s home.


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