16.7.13 / vicky’s back again

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver or gold. – Bob Marley


sorry for the long hiatus. i got back from my 2nd phuket trip last tuesday but i didn’t have time to say hi, because i fell really sick on the last day of my trip and only got better today. (that’s like a whole LONG 7 days for me) i fell very sick with food poisoning and stomach flu. the first trip, i fell sick with alcohol poisoning but this time, it’s food poisoning and stomach flu which seems double trouble. on my last night at phuket, i slept at 3am and i woke up at 430am, 530am, 630am, 730am, 845am, 945am and 11am – thats when my alarm rang. if you are wondering why i woke up EVERY hour, nope i didn’t set alarm to do that but i woke up to the sudden urge to run to the toilet 😦 that is the shit stomach flu gives you and i went through that the whole week for 7days which led me to losing 4kg easily (hip hip hoorayyyyy!!!!)

but i worry about gaining all that weight back again.

[ life of a g i r l ] -.-

now that i am better, i finally carried on with my life. back to work today, i had coaching with my 8-year old kids at bukit view primary school. they were angels and it touched me when they saw me and ran to me to hug me and crowd around me screaming “coach vickyyyyy!!!!! why didn’t you come coach us last week???” – that moment was the best for any teacher; to be appreciated and remembered by your students. it makes teaching so much more enjoyable and happy :]

oh and in addition to all my disappearance to phuket + sick hiatus, my bff matthew is back for a month’s visit before he leaves for italy(!!!!) envy his life. so fun, he gets to travel, explore different cities and cultures. ah~ it comes with a fair load of money which i have none in my pocket so it is never ever gonna happen for me, sadly. so ever since he is back, i’ve been eating alot. what’s new. every time he is back, i put on weight…. but i have more company now in the day and everyone have fun because we meet up more often.

the first photo when he first got back – back to his place, our favourite hangout. just opposite my house, whoopwhoop.

our JB trip in the afternoon after a drunk night for some malaysia yong tau foo and mani/pedicure sesh ^^

and did i mention, what my bff bought me? 😀

he bought me a new toy! i’m so happy i can’t wait to use it! fisheye2! :D:D:D:D never thought he would ever get me smth like that. hehe. still secretly so happy about it. i will post photos after i start using this camera and developing the films. traditional cameras are the best. D BEST (;

oh and this was the best!!!!

just yesterday’s lunch @ turf city – indian cuisine. curry. yums. yums. yum. nomnomnom.

oh my gawwwd the papadam was so good, the curry, lady’s fingers, fish head, chicken tikah wooohooooooo and after, we went to pasarbella to chill. that was my first time there, infact i haven’t been there for the longest time since i stopped playing rugby. haha. turf is so far, no reason to be there but now that i know of such awesome places, i am going to go back for the FOOD (!!!!) there is 12 cupcakes too! and omasake burger which i have yet to try. i am going back this weekend to try them out and will share with you guys about it if it’s good 😀

and you know as i was so sick for the whole week, i was sick of being afraid to eat because i LOVE EATING (duhhh) and i came across this article recently, about a doctor injecting HIV into a HIV patient to fight the same bacterial. Bacteria A fight A. make sense and it worked. so i decided to do that for my stomach flu and food poisoning –

i ate this.

i pushed my limits. i had ‘chilli crab & salted egg crab with tofu and beer. ok, the beer wasn’t mine. but i had a sip and attempted to have a glass BUT my stomach hurts so much and churned so badly after a sip, i gave up. no beer for me. and true enough, after i went home, my stomach went back to the mild sick state BUT it was good because now i am all better – so guys, i’m not  telling you to learn from me; but miracles do happen. like the doctors who injected the same illness to fight it. hehe.

slave for food, indeed indeed.

oh btw, this seafood place i always eat my zi char is at yishun. some neighbourhood coffeeshop W’s family always dine at but it’s so good and it isn’t pricey. love it. i had my crab dosage. love crabs. i had one more bad craving thou – DURIANS.…. but nope, don’t dare to have any YET. besides, i can’t stop thinking about the ones at thailand.

i want to go back for more durians please(!!!)

oh and one of the nights, i had another cheat meal while being so sick of being sick (ironic). after W’s soccer, i begged for supper which is very rare of me. but i had a huge craving for CHONG PANG NASI LEMAK. hahaha all the thai spices just made me crave for something singaporean and this would be the best, or rather, worth the calories for the night.

yum yum yum. if i had to bring any tourist, i would bring them here. this is worth. i rly don’t like the one at kovan. for this amount, i have to pay $10 or $8 there. but this was only $4 (; get your pockets paying for the right one people.

and lastly, before i leave,

my sick face. don’t worry, the face that will never stop fighting and never stop eating, despite how sick i am.

i may not know what’s worth fighting for all the time, but i know food is worth eating. that is fo’ sure.

taking off now,

x love out x

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