18.8.13 / [music] We’re off to never never-land

wow. the guitar solo is crazzaaayyyy! so amazing…

and check out the crowd. they are insane! SO MANYZILLION PEOPLE. definitely one rock concert of a lifetime!

these songs are one of my top favourite rock songs till date. can’t get enough of it. i’m not a fan of loud noises but i am very particular of the details in an individual instrument. the guitar solo (i wished i learnt that when i was young), the drums, the keyboard… but for rock songs, keyboard not so much. i appreciate classical music better for the piano, which i play best :p

i know it’s raining. but i feel like rocking my thursday early morning away (; cold, nice rainy weather, i am up early eating my sandwich with omelette and a box of hello panda biscuit. waiting to doze off for an afternoon nap later, so i thought some nice rock music to set the day right.

been contemplating on going back to piano, ever since i ditch it over rugby 5 years ago. my love for music and sports never die. it’s just the matter of better time management.

happy thursday everyone! have a great day ahead cos’ the weekends are coming!

x love


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