25.7.13 / what if wrong was right, black was white?

have you ever wondered..

what if right was wrong, the white people were discriminated instead of the black, the poorer people were respected, the rich were looked down upon, the good-looking people were seen ugly, ugly was beautiful, the well-educated were no big deal and the non-schooling people were seen more successful, the beggars were great, the CEO and blue collar workers deemed as lower class, girls as the head and boys submissive……

what if gay was straight and being straight was gay?

that’s insane isn’t it? well, we only got to see our world in the perspective that was brought to us as soon as we were in our mother’s womb. “oh it’s a baby boy! he would be the bread winner of the family…” – your destiny is already decided as soon as we know your gender. this is our world. but what if. just What If everything was the opposite?

how would we live then?

i think everything will be the same. discrimination still exist. just in a different light.

it is very interesting and a good eye-opener to see the world in a different light. the video blew my mind away~ i don’t know about you, but my mind was twisted upside down during the 19 minutes video. it was nasty and remember, these are true stories. many people in every part of this world still discriminates, bully and hate. everyone should not give self-status to people. nobody is right to judge. hard truth, tough fact, this is our world.

thursday thought of the day for you xx

love, vicky x


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