/ fashion bites

lovin’ this new Aztec dress i bought off the sale rack from New Look. yums.

i bought a crop round neck top too. will snap it when i wear it (; oh, everyone should check out snapchat. it’s so fun and awesome, 5 seconds photo convo and pooffff! it’s gone. haha. i’ve only got 1 friend on my list because i can’t seem to verify my phone number to it. but it’s good enough since i’m using my ipad to snapchat. ha!

i need some girlfriends on it. it will be so fun to snapchat our ootd and fashion favourites. imagine you’re in the dressing room and you need opinion. ok, whatsapp work the same way too actually. haha. i guess that is just exclusively for photos.


just cleared and cleaned up the (crazy vomitting) mess in the wardrobe and i found so many clothes i wanna sell/give away. will post them up here soon, do buzz me if you’re interested. and my latest season favourite wardrobe pet is….

my Aztec high-waisted shorts – my exact same one.

actually i wear many high-waisted shorts lately + crop top. however, because i always lose weight overseas, i keep buying them because wearing them there needs no effort. but when i’m back home in singapore, ugh the stomach keeps screaming for attention… mouth and teeth keep grinding for the urge to bite. i just can’t STOP EATING. so i realized, i packed many cropped tops that i find too short aside and name that corner “vicky’s vacation wear” hahaha. enough said. but high-waisted shorts are still wearable. i love them. i love how they tuck my tummy in and all the oriental, floral prints makes me go crazzzayyy.

i rly love this dress too. recently’ bought from http://www.shopjellybeenie.com. it’s perfect for a formal dinner, or even a casual one if you pair it with a nice elegant sandal. you can check it out at www.shopjellybeenie.com and it’s only SGD 28.

the outfit is secondary. I WANT THE ABS. give it to me baby, uh huh uh huh(!!!!)

ok i’ve been TRYING my best to work it. need to get this body i’ve been dreaming about. i was almost there when i was in phuket due to my food poisoning and stomach flu. but then, it ALL came back because of my food indulgence. maybe i just love food too much.

oh these zebra prints jeans are so sexy. love to have one in my wardrobe. not very sure about the heels though, i don’t wear heels unless it’s a wedding or for work.i hate how my calf muscles bulge out when i walk in them.

this. blazer. i’m finding you.

love the contrast of how the blue swirls blends in nicely with the white. nothing can go wrong with this blazer. this is what i need. anyone knows where i can get this? please lemme know! x love


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