06.08.13 / goodbye July, bye bye. [did i just sing(?!)]

august is here, bid goodbye to july.

prolly the fastest and worst month till date. it also marked the end of my holidays and i’m back at school since yesterday. it was a dread because ITS A FREAKING MORNING 8.30AM CLASS AND I HAD TO GO THROUGH THE !@#$%^!@#$% MORNING TRAFFIC. being squashed like sardines or chickens-ready-to-be-slaughtered, really spoils my day. thank God yesterday was my only morning class for the start of my semester. i rather not go to class, the lecturer was a bore and i figured i can do my own readings at home instead. however, luckily i was at class anyway. i manage to find a group for my team project. sigh i hate projects. i hate how my school always messes up with my enrollment, even up till my last semester. i wasn’t able to get into the same lecture as my other friend and hence, having to be a lone ranger in class, finding a group to adopt me. i was lucky, found a group yesterday. felt bad i couldn’t attend meeting after since i had an interview.

been doing a lot of self-reflecting and life searching the past few weeks… it has been tough times, very trying times. i believe during tough times, people grow stronger if it doesn’t kill them. been going through the “what do i want in life” phase and finally came to a conclusion to it. the kind of person i am, i would say is very determined to get things done – if i want it, i get it. no matter what. i am glad i made the right decision. there is only one mister right to it. found it. i found the key to unlock everything and i can’t be anymore glad/happier than i am for breaking free.

however, it is not the end of trying times. like how you adopt an abused dog who has bad memories and many phobias of their abusive past, you need time to slowly gain their trust, love and slowly, things will get better and they can live like any normal dogs who doesn’t have any abusive past. yea? yes. we just need to give it time and prove to the puppy that you will not do any of that to it, you will never give it bad memories again but only let it trust you at their own time and pace.

at 23, i learn how to make the right and bad decision. i learnt many lessons from it and collected many regrets too. welcome to the life of 23.


yesterday, i decided to do something for W and it is very unlikely of me to do a vlog or even SING to a camera. i’m so embarrassed. i don’t sing well AT ALL. my brother always say i croak and make too much noise. sigh. but i sang. i always wanted to sing this song to W and make it our wedding song. i just learnt the piano part but i didn’t get it on camera. i figured maybe i should soon, my fingers make better camera faces.

i made it private on facebook to W only, but my very nice sailorbaby decided to share it on his timeline and un-privatized it. oh boy. so why not?

(my face is already down the drain…. hey, but the thoughts count. i meant to sing to W cos’ only he appreciates it well :p)

this came out too bright…. i look like i got no nose :O

and this. haha. ok i know which notes i went off key. i have perfect pitch for listening, which means i can listen to any musical instruments and tell you what note is that, but i don’t know why it doesn’t apply for my voice. haha. i got annoying mouse squeaky voice only my sailorboy can appreciate. haha. sorry for the off-pitches.

happy tuesday(!!!) the long weekend is coming up! how exciting!!!

be happy wherever you are. life may be hard, but know that you will grow to be stronger person after that. trust me.

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