18.8.13 / travelogue: food trip KL, Malaysia

sorry for the long hiatus. been very busy with school and work. shopjellybeenie brought it new bracelets(!!!) and they are smashin’ gorgeous! i love all of them and i have all different kinds to match my outfits everyday. happy that they turn out beautiful. will do a post on it after this entry.

i hope your long weekend during the nation’s birthday was good! can’t do much with the overcrowding in my own hometown, but apparently many people thought that way too.. hence, air flights were all fully booked, cruises and coach buses were all taken up too. it only left us with one more alternative – ROAD TRIP :p WHY NOT

this year is my first time in my 23 years as a Singaporean, not being back home to celebrate my country’s birthday. Haha. it is always good to have a change, isn’t it? so sailorboy and i decided to drive to KL πŸ˜‰

road trip can be really fun if you are with the right people. agree?

thank god for a clear sky for the long road trip there. but the sun got a little too hot till 31 degrees. i was baking in the car, suntanning while i sleep. ha ha. and not forgetting, the jam on the road because of Hari Raya that happens on the same day when countless of Singaporeans are taking a vacation too.

we were supposed to leave home at 6am to take an early drive up but we ended up giving in to sleep and waking up at 10am which made us jump out of bed and fly out of the house asap! because of that, we only reach KL and check-in at 6pm.

our beautiful studio apartment.

our kitchen

i love this walkway to the bathroom. huge mirror, perfect for any camwhore or for a vain couple, like me and W who loves to look at ourselves in the mirror but always end up fighting because our mirror is too small to fit both of us inside and we both have to take turns. this is perfect.

easily fit both of us!

the city view

and we were off for our first evening vacation! (we were staying there for 4 days)

took the train to wherever we wanted to go, or if not, cab. taxis were cheap and i love it!

they do have free buses or normal buses which we haven’t really figure out how to use them. but it’s ok, i don’t really like the idea of squeezing with 100 people up the bus. taxis are very very affordable and cheap, prolly half the price of Singapore’s.

and tada! the mandatory tourist shot with KL Twin Towers.

if you can see the crowd below the tower… it was insane. apparently, tourists have nowhere else to go. EVERYONE was there. i remember visiting this place when i was young, it was enjoyable. empty, not so crowded. but now… sigh. the world is overpopulating. one day, i’ll open a cafe at the Antartica and have a pet polar bear (:

the crowd below the twin tower. not a very pleasant sight.

inside the mall – crazy crowded too. well, i asked W if it is crowded because of the Public Holiday in their country (Hari Raya) + Singapore’s long holiday which resulted in everyone fleeing here… he said, maybe. but normally, it would be very crowded too. the crowd is a norm.

well, i don’t like crowds. i’m a person who will flee places which are crowded. i really really hate the idea of someone brushing shoulders with me or having rub sweaty arms. anything that reminds me of Singapore’s crowd… ney. not a fan.

so after taking a walk to see the city, we took a cab to our favourite ‘main’ focus of the trip – FOOD STREET.

one thing about singapore and malaysia, we have things in common and food is one of the main interest. however, i feel that Singapore lost it’s cultural food streets due to the modernization of the country over the years. it is sad, i do miss the many night markets or street foods and even the ice cream man who rings the bell every evening downstairs.

this is Jalan Alor. KL’s popular food street. bustling street with cars and people, many asian restaurants and tropical desserts and fruits.

this is “lor han guo” a herbal drink that helps to release heat in your body if you are falling sick. not my personal favourite but W loves it.

something about me, i will never lose the Asian-ness in me. I love being Asian! we have good food, we have colour and our food never ever bores me!

turkish ice cream

my favourite “lok lok” πŸ˜€ well, i do get to eat this at JB whenever we do suppers.

my ace fruit – ima queen of DURIANS πŸ˜€

back to thailand, they have a small street which is filled with thai food.

our first meal/dinner was here. ordered a good feast for a table of 2.

tom yum soup yums

i love this noodles, called tang hoon. i’m a big fan of bee hoon, thick white noodles and this clear transparent ones.

oyster omelette πŸ˜€ favourite in singapore, but this looks like a pancake. it is KL’s style of oyster omelette or in other terms “orh lua”. equally delish!

Sambal LALA

after this, we went for a long walk to find the shopping street. we have no idea where, so after a long walk, we finally found it!

Jalan Petaling Street – KL’s popular shopping street. it is very very similar to thailand’s patong or streets. bargaining is a norm, high prices are norms too. you got to learn to work your way to get the price you want, if not, leave (:

at night, we passed by this food street at the end of Jalan Petaling.

THIS was what we wanted to eat but it was so so crowded we couldn’t get a seat. but tune in below, we manage to eat this on our last day πŸ˜€

i love such streets, old, traditional, filled with lots of memories and past. don’t misunderstand me, i do like modern clean streets too like my hometown. clean is good. i prefer my toenails and feet white when i go home haha.

back in our apartment, we were tired from our first day especially my poor boy, feel so sorry that he had to drive the whole 6 hours here. I WILL GET MY LICENSE ASAP!!

the next day, day 2. we took a train! it was shopping day πŸ˜€

haha i saw this KFC advert and i couldn’t resist taking a photo. i have been trying to quit fast food diet, well, i did it for maccas.

walked past this street of really old buildings where people live in. i think prolly in the 70’s, singapore was like that. but times have change, however for the people here, traditions stay. i will never know how it feels like to live like that. not even sure if i could live a day like that. too pampered and too fortunate in a modern city.

at the end of the shopping spree, had good food and good clothes ^^ i’m so happy hehe

we went to the mall at berjaya time square to shop. had a cup of boost, apparently the same price but you can’t use your member card from elsewhere eg. aussie. then we decided to settle down for food (again)

SO MUCH food…. was so fat already. ok i really put on so much weight since i lost all of them during the previous food poisoning. sigh. so much guilt yet fun in this trip! well, always think of the people less-fortunate who cannot eat the food you eat. that’s how i never leave my plate until it is empty and clean.

so we went home after to put down our shopping bags and went for a quick workout at the gym πŸ˜€

after that, we headed back to food street.

this is how you cook your lok lok. you cook them in your steamboat pot.

we settled for bak kut teh. apparently, our favourite is still the one from Klang.

anchor beer, why not?

the $13 per oyster which W ordered

hahahahaha! YUMMY i loveeee OYSTERS

city life, shopping!

my precious

when we were around, i wanted to find the champagn magnum BUT NO HAVE NO HAVE 😦 so sad.

we settled for a bar at night, had a ladyboy doing a gag show. it was funny.

had ice cream and wine to end off the night.

however, the food did not stop there :O got back to our apartment, i opened the fridge and took out our sushi for supper. oh my gawd. i don’t even know if it is supper or post-supper haha!

oh oh and check this out! we bought something really cool from the supermarket πŸ˜€

self-made hot soup and mocha.

this is REALLY COOL. you just need to push the bottom and shake shake shake and wait for it to turn green. after that, in a minute or so, you will see steam and smoke coming out from the can. HAHA modern science wonders ^^

so our third day…… you prolly feel full reading this till here.

thought this was really cute, but didn’t have the stomach to try them

MY FAVOURITE ^^ old school wanton mee. this is good stuff, hard to find good ones.

enjoying the culture and street foods

baby’s noodles

went to shop at h&m and look what we saw outside. this cafe is a bed cafe. HAHA everyone bought a drink and practically slept there. so good to rest your legs but better take a hat to cover your face ;p



well, in singapore, everyone tried this already except me. haha now i’m convinced it is SO GOOD. i’m gonna start eating them back home!

wahahahahahaha crazy camwhore sessions in the dressing room ^^ forever21 got my soul out of me. yums yums.

dinner that night was the claypot chicken rice i told you on our first day

we had to wait close to an hour?!?!!! but it was THAT good.

good dinner, good company, good boyfriend.

our last day, last breakfast before we go.

last glimpse of this street, till we are back again.

baby is having the wanton mee before we leave while i have..

fried kueh tiao! (in other words, fried noodles)

that sums up the trip, we had to leave by noon because we were afraid of the traffic and W had work the next day in the morning. on the way back, we had a few stop overs and we decided to give in to A&W despite being so FULL.

we were looking for this all over KL but we couldn’t find. i miss their root beer float and curly fries and waffles. BUT TO OUR DISAPPOINTMENT, yes the pictures look good, but it sucks. damnit. it was a WASTE OF CALORIES and the queue was @#$%^&^%$ long! it was so crowded and i heard from a friend yesterday that the A&W there sucks, no matter what time in the day.

ok so my advice is, if you want to eat A&W, go to batam. i’ve had their food there before and it was good.

last food just before we leave malaysia. At JB while pumping petrol and washing chevy πŸ˜‰

so sorry for the gahhzillion photo spam! i hope my post didn’t bore you, but filled your tum tums ^^ food in Malaysia is always good, but in my own opinion, i think Singapore don’t lose out much in terms of food. our food are so similar, especially KL and Singapore, as it is the big city capital of the country. standard wise, there are good food shops in singapore too. you just have to look for it. other than that, i prefer malacca compared to KL. will share photos and tell you more about my malacca trip!

have to get to my books now. the weekend is coming to an end but a new week is coming πŸ˜€ excited! i’m doing something with my life and i will tell you in awhile next time.

love you, thank you for reading :*)



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