19.8.13 / your new online shopping hangout(!!) [advertorial]

the recent craze with gemstone bracelets and chromed silver pieces are definitely not over-rated. well, i feel it is if you have to spend $50 > onwards. as many of you know shop.jellybeenie used to sell many fashion apparels, accessories, bags and a mixed of everything, it has finally changed from now.

shop.jellybeenie introduced handmade “Gemstones & Charms & Chromed Accessories” as their new product line and focus and would like to make it their main product catalogue from now on. they have removed the clothes apparels on their website – www.shopjellybeenie.com so you can only find their new collection of bracelets, charms and gemstones there. they have a WIDE range of beads, charms and designs. it just started out a few weeks ago and they have beat the current market platform by selling the EXACT same armswags at killer cheap prices!

i don’t know if you know of other shops that sells the same ones but i’ve did my market research and prolly saw a few others which sell the exact same ones but at a way higher price. i guess you can save $10-$20 here but i’m not comparing or anything. it is your choice at the end of the day 🙂 you follow the brand you like and trust.

all the bracelets on shop.jellybeenie which are premade are all solely handmade and sometimes, personally handmade by inspired people. nothing is manufactured as it is meant to be customized to your wrist size. all the pieces are limited as they want only exclusivity for their customers. however, there is something interesting about their product line, they also have customizations!

how does the customization work?

well, you can see the beads they posted individually or even on the premade bracelets – if you like a few beads on the premade bracelets but don’t like the others, you can email them and let them know. you can replace your dislike beads with the ones you like. it will most prolly come with NO extra cost unless you’re adding a limited edition piece or extra charm. just email them your preference and you can get your one and only customized bracelets (;

what are the prices like?

their product ranges from $20 – $38. (see! nothing exceeds $40 :p) and you can get your pandora-inspired bracelets as cheap as $28! you can even customize it. THE BEST THING IS…. they are having an August Opening Promotion now. ALL their bracelets are ONLY $28. it is insanely affordable where you can get the exact ones at this price when others are purchasing it at $40 for one. this is definitely a good deal.

on top of that, they do FREE LOCAL SHIPPING. yums yums.

if you’re outside Singapore, don’t worry! they didn’t forget about you – they do international shipping too but however, charges apply according to the postal service rates.

what so special about their beads and why are the prices higher than normal cheap bracelets?

their beads will be described in their descriptions. mostly, they carry high quality beads. from hematite, pearls, onyx, cat eye’s, tiger eye, turquoise gold sand and blue sand gemstones and many more. these beads are all from the earth’s findings and some of minerals from our mother nature and some others are iron. for example, their hematite beads are therapeutic – they have a healing source and its iron minerals can help concentration, soothing, calm one’s mind and help in focus. well, it is definitely higher priced compared to those you get from push-carts at $5 but with quality beads and accessories you are carrying, it is lower priced compared to other similar brands.


 check out their favourite bracelets – more at http://www.shopjellybeenie.com

the limited edition (hot favourite!) – The Black Pearl

This limited edition bracelet speaks of a thousand words. Just like any true blue sailor, they sail the 7 seas, high and low. They need an anchor and a helms. On the sea, skulls and bones may break but the true strong sailor stay to fight. Just like this bracelet, there are 7 crackle beads, black and clear(white) to show the good and bad times on sea, concluded by skulls and an anchor / helms at the end.

Indeed, the story of a Sailor.

they have couple bracelets too! customized to your partner’s fitting.

the Classic Black

the therapeutic Hematite bracelet

the nautical helms, you can opt for a different charm if you don’t like the helms, or you can remove the helms too

which would be this!

their beautiful pandora-inspired charms series

for any girl’s 21st birthday! ideas!

and with very cute charms to go along with 😀 (personal favourite chinese food box!)


you can get your pandora bracelets customized the way you like it too! just email them and they will be glad to help you design your bracelet the way you want it (:

hope you found a new online favourite store to shop at!


quote “jellybeenie.wordpress” if you are one of our readers to get a free charm in addition to your purchase!


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