26.8.13 / don’t let the crocky out of the bag

“don’t let the crocky get out of the water…. or don’t you get out of your tank”

saw this photo, mixed feelings about it. it sure is scary(!!!) but some people love the thrill. for me, definitely a no-no. swimming with crocodiles.. damn. he might change his mind to stop acting stupid and knock that glass container into pieces. that’s when the crocodile have the last laugh. would you do this, dare-devil?

well. i can’t swim and my phobia for water hasn’t subside so… story over for me.

sometimes in life, we do feel like the people inside this tank. we want excitement and cheap thrills, but yet, the people/things watching us from outside our glass container are dangerous and nasty and they may destroy your life with just one wrong move. isn’t it true? those ‘crocodile-like’ things/people out in the water are just waiting for you to slip or fall over in your glass container, before they make the move towards you. they are always hungry, blood and flesh never miss their sight and it doesn’t matter whose blood/flesh that is. they don’t care!

sometimes it seems like your life is good & safe, but don’t be too sure. it may be because you’re trapped in your own bubble, viewing life from your own binoculars. you can’t see them all the time… but be sure there are some, just standing around, waiting by their phone to hear you call or post something bad on facebook and that’s their sign to go.

i guess not all cheap thrill & excitement are worth the chase. one wrong move, the crocky will get the last laugh!

life’s lesson. don’t be too late to be sorry!



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