28.8.13 / life’s lessons

my all-time favourite song. it doesn’t make me feel all happy, but it gives me a tinge of happiness yet sadness, hopeful and carefree all together.

whenever i’m sad, i play this on my playlist. when i’m happy, i listen to this too. it makes me feel free, makes me think light and carefree. makes me think of all my past vacations and holidays – that’s how all your holiday vacations should make you feel; free.

besides that, this song makes me reflect upon myself. all the things i’ve done in the past. decisions and things i’ve done which i regretted and prolly, ruined everything for the future. not very sure what the future has set for me, but if i could, i wished i knew how to turn back time and re-think before i act upon.  but sometimes, you’re incapacitated like me. if a girl who has been right for 23 years, and suddenly took ONE wrong step, there has to be a reason. incapacitated, could be one excuse. i don’t know, do i make sense?

what does it take for someone who has be right all her life, to take a wrong turn?

everyone falls, everyone makes mistakes, big mistake or small mistake; it’s still a mistake. but everyone falls constantly, right? how is it someone who can make it all her life without falling so hard, suddenly took a plunge down the dark pit?

maybe, it’s not that she hasn’t fall forever. she did, she just forgot about it. she forgave the past and let it go and start afresh. maybe that’s why it seems like she suddenly became wrong once – when the fact is, nobody has been correct all their life.

why do we make mistakes? – to learn from it.

BUT why do we make mistakes when we already know the consequences?


(sorry for the aimless, non-objective, boring emotional mono entries lately. i’ll be back with good updates REAL SOON.)

“i wished, i knew how, it would feel to be free”


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