30.8.13 / { food review } PAUL yummy bites down your spine

because when i study or when i get stressed & tired, my mind starts to wander. mostly about the more meaningful things in life. (or the bad decisions made)

note to self / thought for your TGIF ; what’s meant to be yours, will be yours eventually. you do not have to try. if it is meant to be, it will be. if it is not, let go.

i’ve always lived to that life motto 🙂 it is true, it never go wrong.


i’m taking a 5 minutes break from studying. it’s already 2.23am and i’m taking a break(?!) i feel like sleeping. so tired, and i’m officially 24 hours awake! didn’t get much sleep last night, slept at 4.30am doing project and studying – i was sitted on my butt to study since 12pm yesterday till 4.30am. ok, i’m not a study freak. i’m just alittle slowwwww & (alittle) lack of knowledge HAHAHA. yea, hence, i need the extra effort. aye. it’s hard to be me.

anyways, had to get up early this morning and interupt my routine of 8 hours of sleep a day because… i had brunch @ PAUL’s.

yeap! it’s part of my retailing project, to analyze and observe the cafe we chose so we found a great excuse to indulge in the sinful pastries and what not.

check out their pastries…. they have a take away bakery outside and also, a separate one inside for you to order off the menu. as i was late, i didn’t manage to catch their breakfast menu but my team mates did – it’s a good deal!

SGD $9.80 for their breakfast set. yums yums. they said it was good; well, it’s hard for any breakfast menu to go bad isn’t it? if it does, tell me. i won’t patronise that place hehe :p

well, i had the lunch menu. it was a little bit pricier but a complete different menu.


tadaaaa, this is mine!

roasted salmon and leek with cheese sandwich served warm and with a dressed side of greens

yums yums yums. i’m a big big fan of salmon – nothing goes wrong with salmon!

it cost $18.90. prolly 10 bucks more than the breakfast set. but it’s a different menu all together.



the roasted salmon inside… mmmm…


and the cheesy toast – i know many of you will love this. very tasty, best toast. but i’m not a big big BIGGG fan of such – i like my food blend sometimes 😡  just not a fan of cheesy bread. i prefer nutella or ovaltine!


we couldn’t leave not trying their pastries could we?

we ordered a total of 3 desserts which seemed attractive to us.


their SIGNATURE pastry – the fruit tart.


now i know why. at first when many of my friends told me to try their fruit tart, i felt it was a waste of money. i mean, a fruit tart that cost $8?! i can get it cheaper at a local bakery for just $3!

but the crust…. it was quality crust with great custard accompanied by fruits. mama mia!


this was our strawberry strudel. not bad. comparable to RITZ strudels which you can get a bigger roll of it there.

and last but not least…



that’s what they call it. i love the first sight of it – dark. means, dark chocolate! my favourite chocolate hehe. well, this is chocolate moose coated with very very rich dark chocolate on the top, with some biscuit/nuts below and around it and a tinge of gold on the top. oh my gawd.

sexxxxxy orgasmic (; my favourite, but too sinful to indulge in it alone. but i have to recommend you to try this if you are dropping by!


us trying so hard to devour the crust of the fruit tart (highly recommended!!!)

if you’re wondering, PAUL is a french bakery restaurant.


so many of such french cafe and restaurant coming up in Singapore. well, sad to say, i’m not a fan of french food haha. my asian blood still stands stubbornly strong 😉 but don’t get me wrong, i eat anything. if you know me, you know i do hehe.

ok back to books. you will hear the happier vicky after tomorrow morning.


love you, thanks for reading!


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