31.8.13 / Bye Bye August, Hello September!

(yup!) agree agree hmm… agree.


it’s 31st everyone! that only means, it’s the end of August 2013. my July and August passed so quickly, i hardly remember whatever that happened. definitely learn LOTS of lesson over time and that should be a blessing in disguise. hehe i hope September comes perfect and then October…. and NOVEMBER IT’S MY BIRTHDAY HAHAHA which also means..


i’m officially gonna get out of school when it’s my birthday. damn. i wanna be a school girl { f o r e v e r } pleaaaase….

time, freedom, play – that’s what im gonna miss. but it’s okay. working means more $ kaching $ !!!


so before August ends, I guess i could do a little catch-up / recap.

yesterday was a good friday. TGIF – spent doing my finance paper and CLEARED IT YESSSS(!!!!) FINALLY PASSED IT. one down and two more to go. all the sleepless nights for the past week killed me. sleeping at 430am every night and waking up at 830am WAS OUT TO KILL (i srsly can’t survive without sleep. i’m like a pig. i need my sleep if not i’ll get grumps and everyone stay clear!) and i have been complaining on my facebook as you can see and to my close friends. in conclusion, it felt like a nightmare the past week. i’m anticipating for more to come, UNTIL NOVEMBER then i’ll see the end of it!

so after my paper, i was feeling especially happy. i decided to reward myself by going to the gym. i stopped gymming for a good 3 months but i finally renewed my membership and i’m back kicking :p i felt so good. damn, i miss my biceps and triceps. haha. after that, headed to the airport to send M off.


my best friend is flying to Jakarta for a good weekend party. envy! haven’t rly been there, but i loved the girls’ curls :p M sent me photos of her friends and damn, i’m in love with their big hair(!) i gotta get that haha.

after that was hallourps dinner at buckaroos! so sad, they are moving after 11 years?!?!!! our only hangout place is gone. i’m gonna miss those good onion rings and buffalo wings! if you are wondering where their new venue is, it will be at upper bukit timah road. do check it out 🙂 i don’t think i’ll be going there to hang often like before… hehe found my substitute hangout restaurant.

pardon my morning face – my team who attempted to make a tower to hold the marshmallow.

this was saturday’s morning – team building training. i’m taking on a new assignment to help facilitate primary/secondary schools for their team building games + to educate them on smoking and alcohol. it was a pretty good fruitful session, except that i had a little fashion disaster 😦 couldn’t find my rugby shorts or my navy shorts so i had to go in bubblegum colour :X

like this….

yummy colours mmmm!

so after that, we had a nice lazy saturday chilling out at home. played rugby on our playstation and just spent our afternoon watching movie. oh! we had a fruit marathon afternoon too.

we went to chongpang market to have our lunch and i got tempted by the fruits along the street so we dropped by to get some. we ended up getting all my favourite TROPICAL fruits. HAHA. durians was out of greed, sigh. oh and i bought 2kg of longans which i finished (all to myself). someone tell me these fruits have some good vitamins please?

guess where did we two hungry birds go to for dinner?

BUCKAROOS (again!!!)

so yesterday was our real and final time there. we ate like pigs as usual… and it was very nice to just be there for the last time. brought back many memories, not as much as some others will have, but a good 3 years since i got to know W. i’m gonna miss my onion rings big time!


oh and as some of you know, last saturday, i curled my hair? yeap. but it didn’t really turn out curly as i wanted… so i went back to do my hair this morning (; will show yall photos in the next post!

love out!


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