5.09.13 / fitness log *{ september } calls for new fitness plan


I took up a 7 day challenge to erase my bad food log and try to regenerate a new healthy eating plan. If you know my life since the school holiday started in May, I had a good 3 months of eating junk, eating whatever I want and the worst, alcohol binging. Damn, I drank the most in my entire life to the extend I had alcohol poisoning for 2 weeks. I’m not complaining though… Hehe cos I lost a lot of weight (aka water) and weigh the lightest in 5 years! Haha!

However, ever since I got back to school, after all the holidays and stressful days, I went back to eating normal-me. A Koolkat vicky eats like a monster (or a cute pig you may say) … Hence I put on so much weight over the past 2 weeks. I am close to being depressed. I can be strong about many other things but the most vulnerable to my self-image. It’s a bad thing I would think, but I’m very conscious about my outlook so therefore, I have to make things right now.

Yup, so ever since my gym membership expired in may, I didn’t renew it as I was off for holidays and actually, it would mean ALOT of time to work out but however, I was pulled into the trance of vacation. So vacay > fitness. I was hooked to the airplanes. Now that i am thrown back to reality, i cant continue living the unhealthy life I led during my summer break. To get things started…

  • Renew my gym membership
  • Haha yup that is the #1 thing to do in order to start anything. You know why? Well, signing up for a gym means a lot of money investing in that. I would look at it as investment – investing in your body. If you want it, you gotta earn it. I’m a student so money is hard to come by, so if I spend on my membership, I HAVE to make it fruitful and useful. Point taken!

  • Create a new food menu
  • Especially for me, I snack ALOT. Hence, I created or rather revamp my previous snack menu to lots of health food. Actually, it wasn’t difficult for me because I have been eating healthy snacks like nuts raisins, cereals and fruits. However, what problem I had before was the portions. I may eat healthy but I BINGE on healthy food. As you know, a right portion is healthy. But if you overeat, it’s not gonna be healthy anymore. So yup, I have been packing my lunch with banana walnut bread and a ziplock bag filled with my favourite nuts and cereals. Yums. But I didn’t go aboard with the portion this time. On, and very important, eat heavy breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps you to curb your appetite too! So I usually make wholemeal oats for my breakkie. With skim milk and fruits! And I do pack after-gym snacks too as you need to replenish your energy. I take my energy bars with me and a packet of nuts and raisins.

  • Start to cook!
  • This is probably one of the most amazing thing I ever did in my life! I COOKED. Haha. Well, everyone knows how much I am of a eater and not a helper in a kitchen. I rather do the dishes than cook, sad to say. However, since I started this challenge, I decided to prepare my own dinner. I did chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms and ham with wholemeal wheat wraps and fresh salad. Mmm.. It was SO good, I was impressed with myself! Damn, I can cook?! Haha. And you will realize how much healthier it is as you have control of your type of oil, seasoning and amount of stuff you add to your food. That’s the big help for a clean diet – TO BE IN CONTROL!

  • Remove all temptations
  • It is very applicable to every aspect in your life. Well, for me, I had to remove my unhealthy snacks in my room. I used to stock my favourite chocolate bars and biscuits and crackers up the shelves. So I decided to throw me away! No looking back. For some of you, you may want to look into your lifestyle. Maybe too much clubbing and nightlife will lead you to being tempted to drink and go for supper after, so you know what to do 😉 Removing all temptations might be one of the hardest in the list, but it is for a new fresh start. A better start. Some people may not stick to it long…. Which leads to the next point.

  • Stay motivated and be strong in your decision
  • You must REALLY want it. I am a very very determined person. If I really want something, I WILL GET IT no matter what. sounds scary huh? I don’t know where I get all my strong will and determination from. But I am a extreme strong-headed person to begin with. Hence, it is not difficult for me to push myself. If you find it hard to push yourself, try looking at yourself in the mirror and comparing it with a photo of your celebrity or your fitness idol. Give yourself a goal to achieve and a time frame. Remember, if you have a goal but no time frame, you may never achieve it.

    I hope my little list helped to motivate some of you who may be experiencing the same thing as me. Hehe. I am just at day 4 today. My aim is end of October. So stay tuned for my little fitness logs throughout the weeks 🙂 Share with me yours if you have any good health tips or healthy snack receipes!

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