6.09.13 / Friday’s sneaky fitnesslogue + food diary

Too close to the weekend, it’s TGIF!

Nothing beats a Good Friday morning spent with momsie at the market to get groceries 🙂 I’m hardly home so she was really happy I accompanied her to the market, that she bought everything that I wanted/loved to eat. She also knew I had to eat clean so she made sure the food are agreeable.


This is my favourite store in the wet market, followed by the Yong Tau Foo store hehe. I love fish! I can have fish all day. In fact, it is said that fish has omega and vitamins that is good for your brain. Ehh…. I don’t know what happened to me despite eating and spamming on the fishes. Damn. Where did my brains go to?! Haha. I’m still spamming on my fishes because I still believe one day those great fish brains will come to me. One day!


My favourite, COD FISH. It’s expensive but my mom bought it specially for me. Yay. I didn’t know it would cost so much till today. Damn, these fishes. I need my Sailorboy to become a fisherman for the love of my fish. This is steamed cod fish, with garlic and garnish on top. The gravy and natural fish oil that came with it was so delish!

Everyone you should get your daily dosage of fish 🙂

Even my sheltie, Cody loves it!


Negotiating his doggie deal with my brother… “more fish, less poop, ok?” Hehe

Have a great weekend ahead!


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