my sailor & i

15.9.13 / L is for the way you look at me

my sailor & i

my babybluuu

i love it when it rains…. loving it especially more ever since our new bed JUST ARRIVED 2 days ago(!!!!!!) * jumps for joy *

goodbye to my backache, sore muscles, floor mattress. ever since we threw our big love bed 3 months ago, we haven’t had good sleep for long time. yay, it’s the 2nd night yesterday and i spent it like a sleeping drunkard. HAHA real drunkard actually, but i spent the whole afternoon doing work and lying in bed 🙂 feels so good.

what was even better, the rain. the rain drops that hit against the window panes. W and i decided to crawl to the corner of the bed, lying down with our two hands supporting our chin like a little kid and just enjoy the cold air from the rain with the slight drizzles on our faces. that moment was perfect and so precious. we just looked at each other and laugh. never felt so genuine and blissful. i was very happy. i know he loves me, and i love him too, very very, very much.

our new bed is special – because it comes with a very very big storage compartment below (hehe for me! yay love willy) well, its actually for my “rubbish” since i’ve too many things for a girl. haha. that’s something i love about my bed. besides that, because of the compartment, it gives the bed a HUGE lift hehe which makes our bed so much higher that we could just enjoy the view off the window even just lying down there. love this bed. we’re gonna bring this with us to our new house too ^^ { can’t wait !! }


a tough week ahead for me again. back to books and project deadlines. i feel so bad i didn’t make it for project meeting today because i was so drunk last night, i made a mess in the bedroom with my puke (sorrrry!!!) and woke up with a terrible headache. so hungover. sigh. i owe them one. and after doing my work, damnit, i don’t even know if my demand-density map makes sense.

and i’ve to pass my financial paper this thursday. by hook or by crook { just do it ! }

if you’re having a tough week like me, hang in there together! xx can’t wait for november to come. have a great week everyone!


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