19.9.13 / feeling the lazy song on a thursday

right here right now, just edited a 4286 word project file. my eyes looks like this now @.@ oh gosh. it must be stress or bad train of thoughts for people to type gibberish. i’m guilty of that sometimes too. editing is a pain my butt now because i can’t make sense of what is typed out. a few times i found myself rolling my eyes (like my best friend who is darn good at this) or other times, frowning a million times in all-sorts of direction, trying to find a light bulb at the back of my head. ha ha ha.

you know how i feel right now?

SO sick of school / exams / tests / projects


why do i have such sharp nose,

but such ugly eyes……….. bleah.


the grass is always greener on the other side. yup.

when i’m on the other side, i’ll tell you the other side sucks and i wanna come back to this side. and i keep thinking to myself, why are we humans so fickle-minded(?!!!!?!?!)

ok, i don’t know if i make sense here. got a headache. been a bummer in terms of diet and exercise because all my energy are being used up in my brains. WOOHOO I GOT BRAINS PEOPLE. i think my brains are fried.

SO SICK OF STUDYING ERRRRBURRRDYYYYY. ‘m going for a good THE LINE international buffet at Shangri-la Hotel. exxcited about it because i haven’t been there before. not excited because i’ve to work harder to burn all that calories out. ohwels, one life, eat it!

x see you at the sane side soon


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