24.9.13 / here we go again

here we go again, the cycle begins. it’s more of Monday #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Saturday, pre-Monday.

exams are in exactly a month’s time and it is my last two papers for my whole life’s of education. quite a big thing huh? but i don’t feel ready for the big world. aye life’s transition is always difficult.

so starting from next monday, i’ll be hibernating from the world and social media (maybe you can only find me via instagram). this is the only great discipline i have for myself. hibernation during exam period. haha. i eat shit food, and i don’t see the world but the four walls and my book. if only i was born a faster learner then i wouldn’t have to resort to such circumstances. i am a “stare-at-a-word-for-50-seconds” person. in other words, slow.

however, looking on the bright side of my hibernation period, i enjoy the food process as i usually make my own food – W calls them “vomit food” cos’ he hates it – but yea, i love it. my healthy diet would prolly be enforced even stronger than before.  and i’ll be moving back to my house as my mom will be on vacation so it leaves me to look after my one and only, lion dog (: hopefully W can come over too, as i wouldn’t be too used to not seeing him everyday like i have been for the past 1 year or 3 years.

i am alittle upset about my exam dates though. WHO KNOWS it was gonna be so early this year. usually it would be in november just before my birthday or even on my birthday but no. so tough luck, W and I bought airtickets to GC for end of oct and now we have to change the flight dates to God-knows-when and pay extra for it. double pain $$$. was so so so so looking forward to it. GC is prolly my favourite place to be! hoping we can move them someday to live. the sun, the beach, the cold breeze, the weekend markets and the fish & chips 😉 it’s ok. aussie, we will be there!

my mind isn’t settled down yet as of now. i had an awesome weekend for the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago, got dead drunk (and gross drunk) on the night after W’s cousin’s wedding ceremony. suffered a terrible hangover which got my project mates hating on me (i did my work but some were just anti-drinking/partying but not everyone can be a saint like you ya) and fell sick with bloated stomach after THE LINE’s buffet which made me skip gym for a week(?!!!?!) then the party continued last weekend.

a very impromptu butterfactory trip with the yellows on saturday night after a very good birthday dinner for my mom at New York Grand Kitchen (yums! photos up soon!) then, followed by a beautiful wedding dinner for W’s cousin on sunday night which was crazy fun. damn. and now, W and i are planning to go Port Klang this Weekend to eat/party/drink and visit his cousins. so exciting! i’m lookin’ forward to it. that’s why i say my hibernation can only start next week. hopefully i don’t party too much this weekend so i can settle down faster and better when i get back.

have too many cray cray photos to share, will share them here when i get back home tonight. gotta head to school for project & class now!

love out x


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