01.10.13 / here comes the bride…

happy october everyone! this year is passing by REAL fast, i hardly have time to strike the days off my diary. damn. it’s good i guess. it’s my last studying semester before i enter the disgusting (dreadful) work world – but i hope to find peace and joy in it. what’s better to live your day happy and look forward to little things in life?

so sorry for my long hiatus. i know i have been bad, leaving really short notes and photo posts. i have been so busy studying the past 1 month for a financial paper which killed my brain cells + last weekend, i unleashed my stress at PORT KLANG. it was way too awesome, one of the best trips i’ve been to. will upload photos and share with you guys about my weekend vacay soon.

other than telling you guys about my uneventful boring stress loads and school, the past two weekends before my Port klang trip was good. the first week was W’s cousin’s chinese wedding ceremony and the following week was the wedding dinner.

ok. PS. i love weddings + birthdays. weddings are my top. they are always so lovely and beautiful, it makes you go “aww” in your head every second and makes you wonder what are you doing with your life, and it also serves as a constant reminder that you are growing old, it’s gonna be your turn soon(!!!!)

however, i haven’t been to many weddings. in fact, i only started attending weddings since i dated W because his friends are of an older age group. in terms of families, my family is really small, if someone were to get married, it would prolly be me or my eldest cousin who is in Sweden. i’m the oldest niece in Singapore. hahaha. for W, well, since his cousin is married, i guess it’s either him next or other same-aged cousins. he has a huge family and they are all awesome. it’s fun to have many cousins πŸ™‚ something i will never experience in my life.

so on 14th September, it was Veronica’s chinese wedding ceremony. i was so excited because it was my FIRST time attending one. haha. never been to anyone’s chinese traditional wedding morning ceremony before. as you know of the chinese traditions, the groom and bride cannot be together the night before their wedding. in the morning, the bride have to wake up REALLY early (like 5am) to get ready – make-up, dress up, eat, calm down – i don’t know how a bride manage to hide all the eye bags from the night before. i will be SO nervous, how do they ever sleep?!

then modern chinese traditions follows as the groom will drive over with many other cars with ribbons, making lots of noise horning at the bride’s house. when he attempts to enter the house, modern chinese culture now disallows the groom to enter unless he go through a series of games (or rather torture) by the brides maids/sisters. that is definitely the fun part! then when he get to the gate, he have to prepare a red packet with “sufficient” amount of cash to bargain with the bridesmaid at the door to let him enter. when they manage to compromise a certain amount, he will enter and outside the bride’s bedroom, in recent modern days, many of them have to read out a “contract” to declare that he promise to blahblahblah, promise to do this, to do that, not to do this, give his wife his pay check… then sign it. then he will be allowed to enter the bedroom to unveil his bride and muahhh :*)

i like the chinese traditions. these traditions never die and it’s nice witness it when you have a chance to.

so let my photos show you how it is. sorry, don’t have the photos of the “torture” the groom went through. will upload them when the photographer releases them πŸ™‚

everyone nicely dressed up for this big ceremony πŸ™‚ as we all live in apartments, we have food buffets at our corridors!

yummy buffet spread

the beautiful bride πŸ™‚

preparing for tea ceremony

pouring tea station – the tea ladies; i was included hehe because only girls can do it, i’m not really sure why.

this tea ceremony is very special. the bride and groom have to offer tea to their elders and they will give red packets and words for best wishes in return. after that, all the kids/cousins younger than the bride/groom will wait for their turn to offer tea or blessings to the newly weds and the bride + groom will give them red packet in return.

offering tea to the elders as a sign of respect

and then, it’s time for the kids!

little sarah

tami and gretal

all the beautiful bridesmaids (:

i can totally picture how my future bridesmaids will dress and look like. how exciting!

hehe that’s me, W and W’s sister and bro-in-law.

in the car on the way, i helped sarah apply her lipstick. so cute!

so i mentioned about the ‘love contract’ that the groom have to read and sign outside the bride’s room, this is it.

but i told W, we can’t have this for our wedding… because W is ONE step faster than any other guy :p no wonder he caught my eye. he gave me a love contract way before marriage, on the day he ask me to be his girlfriend :*)

all of us with the bride. i look really awkward like a giant :/

this was before the groom arrived so we had time to take photos with the bride and all.

sarah giving suyi her “wedding card” that she made, really sweet of her.

and then after the groom came, we had to wait for the groom to bring the bride back to his parents house for tea ceremony. so while waiting, we watched tv, chill out, camwhore or sleep. haha.

tada, my handsome Sailorboy *kisses*

and his sailor girl :p



ootd with my pretty sunday dress. love it so much πŸ™‚


then it was the wedding dinner the following week. i love wedding dinners, not only the food but everyone is dressed up in pretty dresses, suits and ties. big hairs, thick make-up and everyone look gorgeous!

it was held at Orchard Hotel. it was special, as they had a room specially for family portraits. so everyone had their cameras and smartphones out.

The Goh Family πŸ™‚

big big family!

with zhiling, W’s cousin. she is a superstar, she sings so well… the whole pub applauded for her. haha anyways, she sings for a pub at port klang πŸ™‚ beautiful voice.

dinner! one thing i love about wedding dinners are the 10-course meal. hehe yummy for my tum tum.

the after party, everyone was high and happy!

this marks the end of the beautiful night πŸ™‚

weddings are so beautiful ay? thats why it should only happen once in a life time. and only one time!



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