14.10.13 / Mookata


No prize for guessing what I’m gonna talk about – Mookata!

If you don’t know what that is, it is actually traditional Thai Steamboat & BBQ. This meal above was on Friday night when everyone was partying, I was pigging. I found my favourite Mookata now!

I haven’t tried the other variations but Mookata in Singapore has been very popular and it is expanding with so many new stores. You only know what’s good if you try right? 😉 I’ve only tried the famous Mookata at Golden Mile. However, I’m actually not “wow-ed” by it. Firstly, you have to queue for a long time before you get your table due to the overrated crowd. Ok, I thought it was gonna be so good – that’s the only reason why people queue right? But wait, you can’t take Singaporean’s queue on that note. Sometimes, just because one says nice, another will try and to “fit in”, that 2nd person says nice too and the chain goes on. I’m sorry but I can’t lie and I am not gonna try to fit in. Besides the queue, service was bad. I hate how the vendors mindset change when your business starts to flourish. When you just start out, you’re so nice like a slave to customers. Anything goes. Then, when you become the CEO, you give people shit attitude. That should be the case for retailers or food vendors. Thirdly, portion of the food was little. It wasn’t enough to go around and for the same price elsewhere, I get the better of everything. Basically why people go there – You want anything Thai in Singapore, you can definitely find it there.

So there was I, trying to find a better Mookata in my country and i happen to chance upon this at Upper Thomson Road! We were suppose to meet for prata and drinks but greedy me suggested this when I saw it. I didn’t know they had a Mookata store there because in the day, it would be the noticeable crowded braised duck store. So we decided to try it. It wasn’t crowded at all – chill out and quiet enough.

Service was awesome! The uncle kept coming to see if we are fine, refilled our soup non-stop. He was very attentive despite having to host his other friends who came to visit him at the shop. I like his service, it’s very personal and sincere.

Secondly, portion was SO good. For $38, you get a decent portion enough for a very hungry person or to share with two girlfriends. I was very pleased with the portion and the food was fresh. Meat was good and tasty! Came with 2 eggs which was delish in the soup! Yums…


Lastly, NO need to queue. I was hesitating before eating there because I was thinking why wasn’t it crowded on a Friday night. So it’s a great nice chill out old vintage coffee shop if you’re not looking for the typical loud noisy crowd. However, it may be crowded on weekends because just drove past today and I saw their tables occupied with customers. People must know such good food – if you have to queue, make sure it’s GOOD!

If you wanna try this out, don’t get me wrong. There are two Mookata at upper Thomson road. One at Astons with the pig logo. And this one, it’s just a plain white board. It has a word ‘Thai’ in their logo and Hao Chi in Chinese. It is located at the road along HANS! If you tried the pig logo outlet at Astons Thomson, let me know how it is! I may want to try it next time. X


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