2.18am is why my eyebags r as big as your pocket


2.18am… trying to write sensible answers on my case study but every 5 mins, my mind will drift. this is my last lap(!!!) but possibly my most fearful and distracted semester. only two modules and i wonder how i managed to do four modules in a semester last time. so tired of studying. plans for after exams are piling up and it gets me so excited! i’m turning 23 after my exams, i rescheduled my GC trip till end of year and it’s gonna be a good christmas experience – something to strike off my to-do list: Spend Christmas in another country that celebrates it too.

time is running out, in exactly a week from now, i’ll be screaming my heart out and singing the “lazy song” every freaking day. but can’t we just fast forward to the good times? uh no, we have to face the music and cross the obstacle before we can get be rewarded. indeed.

what’s everyone else doing now? i’ve been home bound since tuesday, cooking my own steamboat for dinners and just having ovaltine spread on my wholemeal bread for brunch. i’ve been efficiently mopping/sweeping the floor everyday thanks to my shedding shetland sheepdog (:O) and i’ve been washing the toilet and all the dishes and kitchen tops everyday. (mom, you better be so proud of me. hurry home!)

yes, my mom is overseas. her holiday started on tuesday and is only coming home next month. i foresee a good experience for me training to be a housewife for my future house 🙂 at least i know my forte lies in the washing of dishes, and not cooking. i clean well, but i can’t whip up a good meal. damn.

i miss my mom. watching my dog sit at the gate, gazing out, waiting for my mom to return from work everyday… makes me miss my mom like how my dog does. MOM HURRY WORK YOUR WIFI -.-

oh and i’m so proud of myself, i managed to nurse W back to health 🙂 he fell very sick last night after some buffet and thank God for a friend who happened to pass me some notes and lives near W so I managed to hitch a ride back from the east. i’ve never done this in my life – my mom nurses me everytime i fall sick and i’m a frequent – so i learnt from my past experiences from being sick and observed what my mom did to get me well. so i iced the towel and wipe W head-to-toe and the fever did subside. but it came back up in the middle of the night and surprisingly, i woke up naturally at 530am to ice-wipe him again. this time, it really did help! i fed him panadol each time too and when it was morning, he was a lot better than the night before 🙂 yay. so proud of myself. today, besides burning my midnight oil, i’m observing W… in case his fever comes back and i don’t want him to be sick during his block leave and esp when i have to be busy studying. all’s good now – he asked for food so he must be getting better.. that greedy pig. hehe.

ok what a good 10 minutes break. goodbye for now.

(P.S. i wanna be at running man fan meet tomorrow BUT I GOT NO TICKET 😥 i want, i want, i want!!!)


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