20.10.13 / The Anxiety about Packing


even if it is packing up in your hotel room to go back home from vacation.

or packing your work table because you’re moving on to a dream job.

and packing up after a great weekend or day at your loved ones’ home.


it’s the motion of packing… that gives you a sense that you are gonna leave everything and all memories behind and carry on to something else different. like breathing a different air. even if it means for you to be moving on to something better for your life.. seeing the different walls after you walk out that door. hearing the different surrounding sounds.. no more same dog barking, it all becomes memories.


that’s the anxiety of packing to me.

and before i leave, i hate the anxiety of silence. when you can only hear one’s breathing in your room, which is yours.


the mystery of loneliness has so much in common to silence.

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