28.10.13 / so wake me up when it’s all over

…. when i’m wiser and i’m older.



Yay! BFF’s home! : morning faces, especially the horrid hair. for the first time i made it early to jump on him in his sleep!

no prize for guessing who’s back in town! my ex-aussian bff is home from his italian country. showed impression expressions after 3 months learning their language… even his face, wow so expressive -.- haha. glad he’s back! it only means one thing though – FAT DAYS ARE BACK (!!!)

true enough, since he was back on thursday, the day i ended my exam, i haven’t stop eating or doing anything since then! :] it has been a fruitful long weekend for me and i’m not complaining a single bit!

have been sleeping everyday at 5am or 6am… saw sun rise, but got unconscious after a peek. it also explains WHY i am still on my computer at 3.49am :/ so unhealthy, i’m gonna try to fine tune my body clock tomorrow night instead – reason – i’m trying to do something VERY important now: saving my bestest friend ever, my ipad. on saturday it was working  fine until at night, suddenly the screen graphics went hay wire and my apple screen is blue when i try to on it.

i’m so so sad about it, devasted maybe. i’ve been known as the “pink iPad girl” in my lecture hall and indeed, i can’t live without my ipad. when i get lost, i ask my ipad. when i need to find food, i ask ipad. when i need to find prices or information about anything, ipad knows best. when i’m bored, i play with ipad. when i can’t sleep, ipad plays my pillow-music to me and i never fail to fall asleep. when i feel vain, ipad take photos of me. when i feel ugly, ipad has its ways of making me look pretty.

see? haha. reasons why i am still awake trying to back up my ipad.

well, you will notice i’m LESS available on my social media platforms. i use my ipad for ALL my presence on social media. my phone, is useless. haha. i’m using a blackberry torch. i’m not complaining – i love how my blackberry is purely for whatsapp and texting and calling. PHONE usage, purely for phone. i hate mixing both together: like playing games and watching movies and texting, calling…. isn’t it gonna drain all the battery i have?

sigh. but despite having said all that, i’m gonna get NOTE 3. it’s time for a change! i’ll discover the world of smartphones where people think it’s perfectly fine to combine both pure entertainment and practical usage together (time for me to get extra batteries!)

i’ll tell you how i feel about using my new samsung, after i get it 😉

ok i wanna share with everyone WONDERFUL YUMMY-LICIOUS FOOD that i have been indulging in during the weekends. tomorrow, i’ll spill! 🙂

for now, time for some princess’s sleep. i love it that i have NOTHING to wake up to tomorrow :p no need for alarm clocks… and i plan to stay in bed the whole day under my beautiful quilt, watching 2 broke girls and many other tv sitcoms i’ve missed out over the whole uni semester. DAYMNNNN LIFE IS GOOD NOW AND I’M LOVIN’ IT!


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