29.10.13 / ENRAGED is an understatement

i’m so damn angry. f******* angry. !@#$%!@#$!!!


“i’ve got a tongue as spikey as a thorn, eyes as sharp as a blade”


no words can describe how angry and frustrated and upset i am. i am a violent angry person. anger management much needed, but for now, i don’t give a damn. if i could punch and hit all the bad people in the world, i would knock them out and make sure they don’t go back clean. don’t worry, these are just words right? how much harm can i give and where can you find all the bad people in the world for me to hit?


i don’t understand how some people of same blood, can live like that. they live like a dog, or maybe even worst than a dog. if you are dirty, DON’T bring everyone down with you in your trash. can you imagine, JUST imagine a life with pee around, pee stains, poop stains, body odour, clothes odour (clothes that are soaked and not washed for weeks and eventually taken out to dry)…. just imagine a house smelling worst than a dead rat. entering the house and a gush of overwhelming DEAD PERSON’S FOUL SMELL gushes into your nostrils. WHAT THE FUCK. (right?)

i am a girl. what can i do? if i am a boy, i can do better than this. i will make sure i won’t have to go through all these shit. i am strong for a girl, but i am not strong enough to be confident of defending myself. but wait, there is a boy in the house right? oh yea….. i forgot. he is as useless as he is. society these days only knows how to prove themselves to people outside, but come home cowardly to a house and lock yourself behind bedroom doors. when they go out, they think they look big infront of people. yea fights.. wow, my hero. “oh, look! my hand and fingers are filled with blood… oh wait, sorry what? nope it’s not my blood. it’s someone elses.” – wow – big deal, big talk. perfect. now you are the BEST human being on earth. bravo…


if you are so big, then don’t fucking come home like a coward. hiding in the dirty stench room, not knowing how to stand up for your own loved ones. if you can stand up for fucking strangers or “friends” you hardly know but only recognisable by a tattoo, then why can’t you stand up for your own house and occupants staying inside. dude, we even share the same surname.


so disappointed in every possible mankind. NOBODY can save me from this mess, i tried to save myself but i can’t. GOD HELP ME. HELP THE PEOPLE AROUND ME TO LIVE LIKE HUMANS AT LEAST(?!!)  i don’t understand how can humans live worst than a dog?! even animals know how to be clean and look after themselves.


i am not my mom. i won’t pick up your dirty mess. i will fucking make sure i watch you pick them up. i will wait, till you fucking get your ass back and CLEAN YOUR DAMN SHIT. i’m sorry for my bad language – i am really upset with the state of living and mess i am in right here, right now. so if you are uncomfortable reading, too bad i have ended my rant. if you don’t understand, don’t read. i am living in a ridiculous shit hole but no, i am not pathetic. the people that caused all these mess ARE pathetic. only please them to see how others struggle with their shit.


ughhh nobody will ever understand how i feel! nobody will! unless you live in this mess with me.


fucking dirty assholes.

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