2.11.13 / now you’re just somebody that i used to know

home alone with mom & cody on a wet saturday afternoon.

i’m so glad my mom’s home. life is back to normal and it also means lesser responsibility on my shoulders – i don’t know how to look after the whole house and it shows i am not ready. cody didn’t recognize my mom and it was funny when my brother told him “mommy come home already!” and he ran to the gate to look for my mom WHEN my mom is ALREADY in the house standing behind him. haha! anyone has any idea why? it can’t be my mom’s scent changed or anything. it was really interesting.

as i was having thoughts pondering in my head, i looked at cody and the whole time he was pouncing on me, jumping up and down, talking in dog language about i-have-no-idea-what and he kept using his paw to call me. now he is seated beside me, lying down on my right feet, taking his usual dog nap. he follows me wherever i go, toilet or just to the fridge and back to the study table. it’s like he is so afraid of losing sight of me, just for a few seconds or minutes, he still runs to catch up with me even if it was just less than 20m away. is that being loyal? i think loyal would be an understatement.

then i wonder… why can’t humans be loyal like dogs?

are we too selfish to give up our wants and our interest and fun? yes i think so. we are selfish. we want our wants and needs to be satisfied. dogs, are the opposite. when cody sees any one of us being so happy and loud, he will jump in and join in the fun and start to whine or bark and be happy with us. then he will start wagging his tail and push us to play catch with him. he includes himself and make do with whatever situation he is in – even when its just a boring day for him when he can’t do anything but sit and watch. he finds simple joy in it.

humans can’t.

i read about this gag picture that said, “i’m in for a last bad relationship before i buy 10 cats and live with them” … why not 10 dogs? buying 10 cats is like buying 10 boyfriend/girlfriend in the house. just want their needs to be met and then do their stuff. but dogs, they just want you to be happy. as long as you are happy, they easily wag their tail and be contented.

just a very random thought.

i love cody, and we should all learn how to treasure the time together with our pets 🙂 they are here for a reason, and i know for my pet, he is here for me to be happy when i am lonely and when nobody else seems to understand me. he doesn’t need to understand me but his presence is enough.



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