4.11.13 / you wanna hug me hey hey hey

you wanna hug me,

hey hey hey

what rhymes with hug me,

hey hey hey


let’s play some rugby

hey hey hey

don’t try to drug me

hey hey hey



it’s raining! i love rains… when i am snuggling in bed under my soft blanket, watching my favourite sitcoms – currently cray over 2 broke girls. i love love love kat dennings (!!) max…. well, but everyone else thinks that beth behrs is a better resemblance of me. in terms of character (ugh, even i think so too…) it sucks cos’ at times when i am watching it, i laugh so damn hard to myself BECAUSE it was a “omg-i-do-that-too” or “omg-i-said-that-too”. one episode where caroline tried to help baking and end up being careless and forgetting to cover the stirrer which resulted into flying flour party and the whole mixer crashed on the floor – guilty as charged. i am as clumsz.


ok but in terms of appearance, i love kat dennings! she is not a typical “i-must-be-skinny-bone-to-look-gorgeous”. SHE IS GORGEOUS! i love the curves…. i have to work to that, since i can never get to be slim and skinny. that’s fine. don’t rly want to anyways 🙂 i love food too much to sacrifice it.

yay, i found my girl-spirtation. i love max’s attitude in the show. downloading season 2 now. hope it finishes soon before i go out.


oh and everyone, if you’re trying to find me, i’m currently not available on facebook so you can whatsapp me, text me on my phone or email me 🙂

lots of love x


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