Day 4: Australia (live updates)


Not sure if anyone still reads this space because I have been busy working and dealing with so many areas of my life…

I am at Australia now!


Wanted to share live updates on my day 1 but thanks to dumbdumb dodo sim card, bought one on friday night and tried to activate it. After much hoohaa with the lady over the phone, it was supposed to be activated in 30mins to 24 hours. But guess what, dodo is closed on weekends and so I waited till monday. Called them this morning and they couldn’t even track my account or my name after all the address and name telling on friday. Ughhhh so so peeved so I gave up on dodo. Got Optus! What a good deal Thank God :D:D

So here I am!

The past 3 days, I was at Gold coast and it was lovely. I love the sun and it was shining like it could read how happy I was. Poor Wilson. He prefer the winter season but I remember I was freezing my bumbum last June and there was hardly life anywhere. Now… wowwheee everyone is everywhere! Girls hardly wearing anything πŸ˜‰ and the guys wearing their abs. Summer is all good.

Something special to share yesterday.

Decided to visit Mount Tambourine. It was amazing. Pretty long drive there but it was good. The route up was winding and really steep. I have motion sickness so it felt like I was on a roller coaster. Thankfully for the beautiful scenery which was of my interest, I took my attention off my dizziness and continue snapping photos. They are all on my camera but here, got some to share when we got off for a view.

Isn’t it beautiful? Being here was 100x better and breath taking.




Too happy to be here. We are so lucky πŸ™‚




Then we headed over to the little hikes and trails. Sigh. Found another worry about myself. I am not a nature person. I got kinda paranoid when it came to witches fall. Saw the kind of creatures that we will meet inside, when I started the trail, hardly 500m I almost got us into alot of trouble. We were at the edge of a cliff and if I push further, we could have slipped down and don’t want to imagine what’s the worst could have happen. Just a leaf dropping got me jumping. We decided to leave as it wasn’t gonna be safe for the both of us with me behaving like that. Damn I don’t know why. I have brave days and paranoid days.

Sadly.. We only conquered Curtis Fall. Haha but hey, at the end.. when we both thought it was all good….. I decided to be the smart Alec me and lead the trail with me bragging “have no fear, Vicky’s here!” And all of a sudden I led out a loud scream and ran behind wilson.

Hahaha a black lizard.

The poor freaked out lizard ran back into the bushes after it made its presence. Funny funny.



So here’s to the Curtis Fall. The little tap-leaking waterfall. Haha. I expected more water out of this. But its ok. The best waterfall I have seen was at Taiwan Taroko and Vancover, Canada πŸ™‚

We had awesome fish and chips at a little hidden shop in the center of Mount Tambourine. I cant get enough of it.

Stay tuned for more EXCITED updates πŸ˜‰

I’m on a drive now. Leaving Gold coast for Christmas at Brisbane at our beautiful lovely Balcons πŸ™‚ if you remember the beautiful people I met at phuket and wrote about. Can’t wait to see them.

Check out the weather.Right now.





2 wanderlust Asians on the drive!

Hear from me soon x
Hope someone’s reading


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