Bummed. Sad? Am I?

So…. I’m back home from my beautiful Christmas vacay.

….. and I lost my ipad on the plane.


for those of you who know me, ever since i got my ipad 3 years ago, i’m practically hooked to it day & night 24/7. wherever i go, you see me with my pink ipad. and this dreadful day has come. what a way to end 2013 – prolly one of the weirdest toughest year ever.

and i made a report at the airport. weirdly, service at SATS was so bad. (don’t even want to go into the details. such a let down) and they asked me to call them at 545pm when SCOOT plane i was on will be flying to bangkok so they can check. fine. called at 6pm, they said oh please give us some time to find and will call you in a bit.

time checked now: 10.14pm

no ipad, no call, no news.

thanks for the great year!


not very sure how i feel about losing one of my greatest possession. i’m very possessive of my technology gadgets. and this ipad been through university with me – i was even known as the “pink ipad girl” in lectures. well, that’s what people call me when we bump at the club. haiyah, think i was pretty sad about it when i found out it was missing at the airport. ran back and forth to the plane and lost & found. took a whole lot of energy out of me.

haiyahhhhhhh…. i don’t know how i feel about it la.

too tired from surviving turbulence on the plane. & carrying approx 70kg heavy bags home from holiday shopping & groceries.

all i remember was reading 50 shades of grey on my ipad and suddenly the turbulence was so bad, i was sitting alone away from wilson and i have such fear of dropping pressures in planes so i decided to close my eyes and next thing i know, the air stewardess woke me up to put my bags (and ipad) on the floor. and i never saw my ipad ever since then. i was so tired and unrest that i don’t even know if my ipad was even in my hands when i woke up. or did someone took it from my hands while i was sleeping? nah… i must be over-thinking.


i am sad.

nah, i’m not. i’m cool.


fine. i like to act cool.

ok, i AM very sad.

it’s MY IPAD(!!!!)

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