A day with my best friend


So…. I got off work early yesterday and who else best to look forward to when you go home?



It was a pretty fruitful day for both of us as this handsome boy… NEEDS A BATH!

I don’t know about your dog but Cody hates showering. I think he seems scared of water. Just like his owner. Haha. This time, I had to do it solo. He was excited and happy when he saw me get his towel. He thought it was playtime!

And….. I managed to get his wet look on camera for the first time. He hates it!




Maybe he thinks it ruins his royal face :p he always put up this awkward, stiff, puppy eye face when he showers.


And puff!! Off for drying… I like this photo. It makes him look so cuddly and puffy 😀


And he got tired from all the playing after showering, he fell asleep. That fan.. is code’s best friend. Whenever it is on, he stands or sits infront of it. Premium VIP seat.


Cody’s FIRST successful #selfie!
He hates the camera and my phone. But this was so good.. though I wasn’t even ready for the camera but hey, he smiled and winked!! 😉 quite a charmer my friend.


Me: “Can you please take one photo?”
Cody: “just one?”


Cody:”here you go!!”


“Ok one more since I blinked…”


Cody:”no more you cheater!!!!”

Haha morning amusement. I am so so early for my appointment at 10am. Well done vic. Gonna grab coffee cos im dozing off just when I am about to alight -.-



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