The amazing wildlife nobody knew of

not sure if anyone saw the post i wrote on 12 dec’13, about tippi degre. this little tarzan girl who grew up in the wild and her interaction with elephants and all other wild animals were so intimate.

this “lion whisperer” is a wonder too. it touches my heart when i saw how he called the lions by name and they responded by running towards him and jumping on him – like any other pet dogs, greeting you when you get home. just like my sheltie, cody. it is an experience nothing can ever replace. when your loved one, of another nature, feels happy that you are home and welcomes you with so much love and excitement.

anyway, that is kevin richardson for you – he has a son at home, and his wife is expecting a daughter. he is a south african zoologist. been on his research for years which led him to anyone’s wildest dream/imagination ever.

how many of you get that much excitement and love when you’re home from work and your kids are home… but playing the computer or concentrated on the television screen or ipad? animals are really lovely. if everyone knew how to communicate better with animals. it would be a whole new beautiful world we’ll be living in. i’ve yet overcome my fear for cats though… i will, one day!

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