Day 3: it’s TGIF(!!!)

Never have I been so excited about Fridays 🙂

It’s the third day at work and I’m at Friday pretty fast. Lucky me, started on a mid-week. I never once treasure my weekends and Fridays beside having to see Sailorboy off his work. For myself, everyday was a Saturday/Sunday to me. I get at least 10 hours of sleep and usually till noon. Breakfast and lunch was usually Brunch for me all together. On strange days, I get afternoon naps though I try not to sometimes because I don’t think I did much substantial things in the day to grant me more rest.


This was my first nap of 2014, first well-deserved nap in 3 years! Well, that is because I was the laziest and had most unused energy in university. In poly, I had touch rugby so that is relevant and I felt bruised and battered most of the time.

That nap was on a Wednesday. My first day at work. I had so much to learn and digest… my mind was overwhelmed. When I got home, I told myself ok no sleep, study. But I subconsciously stare into space and drift into another world for a good 2 hours. Prior to that, I woke up at 6am for some “nervous-breakdown” workout.

Yesterday my day started alittle later than what it should be. I went for my first appointment with my boss at 8pm. I got so much more to learn and one day I will be on my own…


Had my dinner at 10.30pm. That is reality! I realized I skipped teabreak and supper now that time flies so quickly. It’s a good thing. Yay to losing some weight. But I learnt to appreciate my time so much more now… dinner isn’t just another dinner but it’s wow… food!!


Day 3 today. Got up on a right note and I’m on the way for my 2nd appointment. Not very sure what else is installed for me but I rather be surprised.

Sad I couldn’t see BFF last night for jb but tonight’s bbq and farewell party will be good. Haven’t had time to see him since a week already due to work.

Yup. This is reality. Time is money. Gone are my days when I wake at 11am and go for bowling or play LAN or just watch running man. Come home and complain that I have insomnia and I can’t sleep.. (haha wilson have so much to compare now and then. The moment I land on my pillow, I sleep immediately)

Just 3 days at work and I learnt to appreciate and treasure so much around me. Tiring yes.. but I like it. The next few weeks are gonna be soo long and much more tiring. I cant wait for the weekends now!

To-buy list: 2014 organizer.

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