#vickydailymotivation 3: Embrace Saturday


The people you surround yourself with are great influences of your future and success – I say 😉

This is an official full week at work and it has put me through tremendous test and struggles. It’s Saturday and I thank God for today.

I am so tired. Exhausted. Not physically but mentally to the extend whatever I am taught now, wouldn’t register in my mind. Today is a good rest day for me.. though subconsciously I cant really put myself to enjoy fully as my mind just keep thinking about work. Stressed…. yes.

But I realized how important it is to surround myself with positive people. Even when I feel so down and useless, just the presence of positive thinking people can brighten your situation. Or rather make it seem like it isn’t such a big fuss at all.

I hope to meet more of such people this week.


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