2014 is YOUR Year


Isn’t it interesting how we make goals for the new year and laugh at them at the end of the year because we didn’t achieve them and the same goal will be put on the following year’s goal setting?

I am guilty of that. Till now, I have yet to conquer swimming. The greatest fear of my life.

However, besides that, I have actually revised my goal setting board and actually strike off some off my list.

My license for my lifetime career has arrived!!! 😀

Striking off “finding a job”.

Improved knowledge of finances

Keeping myself updated to the current affairs.

Reading on learning journals.


This is awesome. It’s not easy but I can, I will and I MUST.

I have also recently done up a savings plan for myself and finally got myself full coverage for my life and future 🙂 im gonna tap on investments next and let’s see how good the future can be.

I’m at the age of 24 this year. It is amazing that one human can touch on these many things.

If you ask me, there is never a “right” age or time for you to be concern of your savings, protection and investments portfolios for your future.

Of course, why people think young age isn’t the “right time” yet is because of their finances. If you’re 18 and you have $100,000… will it be the right time? Assuming you are done with school loans and all expenses.

Why not?

And what I have learnt is, the earlier you start a savings plan, the earlier you can get back more returns. What is best is, you get “free coverage” after your policy breaks even after the period of time of premium you have been paying. So it means whatever you been paying, you get it back (and more!)

And what I have learnt about insurance (the term humans fear most I don’t know why) is the earlier you get it, the lesser odds of your submission getting rejected – Why? Because you are young and healthy and what are the odds of you having some bad cancer or stroke or some illness that is gonna suck dry that $100,000 you have? It’s prolly gonna cost more.

Some people thinks insurance is a bad investment. You just keep paying for the “what ifs” and money just keep rolling out of your pocket. How many “what ifs “ will happen in your life? So what I have learnt at work is even more attractive!

What if you have savings and insurance together? 😉 money isn’t gonna just roll out of your pocket but it will start coming back. Isn’t it?

I’m saving for my house to come. I guess many people my age would have bought BTO and be cursing now. What a bad time for resale flats to drop but a brand new house without history is a good brand new start!

Well, if you need any more advices or insights on your financial well-being or if you just wanna set up a little small savings plan to start out small at the beginning (or go hard and go big), you can reach me at the comment box below or email me: victorialimsc@gmail.com


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