2.3.13 / Ups & down, how quickly life can turn around


time flies. it’s already March. many things have changed, happened and it cannot be reversed. i wouldn’t say it has been easy 3 months that went by.. infact it has been one of the most challenging and mentally draining journey for me. faced exhaustion most of the times, down many other times, but that’s not it – i am even more thankful for the many more good things that happened. the most best thing that has happened so far are the people around me that has been giving me endless support. i don’t know where they came from or their sudden appearance, but God never fail to put little angels around me whenever i feel discouraged. whenever i feel down, tired or discouraged, i will always think of the little angels around me who spur me on and give me a pat on my back.. i can only be grateful and appreciative. i am very blessed and lucky πŸ™‚Β 

nothing will actually beautiful without a story behind it. if it is beautiful, it can be but just an outer shell and hollow on the inside. i was a hollow shell, can’t say about the beautiful part but the hollow side i’m sure of. i don’t want that anymore. i want to tell a beautiful story one day and i can.

this is my new family of 2014, Life is Great.

got up really early on a Sunday morning for a very good reason – which is to give back to people. went for my first charity drive with them and i feel great! πŸ™‚ returning home with a very very very bad body ache (but fruitful one). i worry about running tomorrow morning at MacRitchie :/

we had at least 205 goodie bags filled with salt, milo, tin of biscuits and many other necessities… and 5kg of rice for each family we were gonna distribute to. i went to office in the morning earlier to help and it was a good workout… and what’s best, we are doing it to help others πŸ™‚ feels alot more satisfying than a normal gym session. did have just one weird encounter at the hawker while we were resting with our 100 plus.. but besides that, everyone was very cooperative and it was a good experience. the houses were pretty decent, maybe it was the block i was assigned to. they were clean and they were nice people. hope to do more of such works next time(!!)

the day ended with great company and a good jar of cream cheese cake. damn, so good. wished everyday was Sunday!

i wanna thank everyone who have been there for me, lending me a listening ear, taking me out to eat and buying me happy meals just to cheer me up πŸ™‚ i’m very very very thankful for such people in my life and i will work hard so that i can tell a better story next time.

new week, new goal, new story to tell πŸ™‚

have a great start to your week, errrbody! much love x


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