Moved: thepinksoldier.blogspot.sg



Sad to say, I’ve to go.

Leaving is always a good way for closing the old doors and opening new doors to new hopes and opportunities.

Decided to leave jellybeenie (the name I created since I was 15. It’s been almost a good 10 years), going on a new space.

Less messy content, less random rants….


More structured. Working on being a better writer and growing my passion.

It’ll be a whole different line up compared to this really personal blog. I scare myself sometimes, boring you guys out.


so here we go once again, new bookmark!




🙂 cya there!


What makes a man

Tell me what makes a man wanna give you all his heart
Smile when you’re around and cry when you’re apart
If you know what makes a man wanna love you the way I do
Girl you gotta let me know, so I can get over you

What makes her so right?
Is it the sound of her laugh, that look in her eyes?
When do you decide?
She is the dream that you seek, that force in your life

25.11.13 Add me on Dayre: life with vicky

i have been busy with the 10 day pop out store at Victoria’s Secret. it has finally come to an end yesterday and i wished it lasted longer. had tons of fun working with really fun people – a group of the girls were 15 years old?!!?! man… that was a reality check for me. i am 23 and i thought i was young. 8 years ago i wasn’t working at VS or anything but staying at home playing neopets and taking neoprints. times have change and i am sure when i have kids, it will be a whole new different generation again.

just joined dayre.me and i am already loving it. like any other social media, i always spend alot of time on instagram, twitter and facebook. not as often here as it takes up more time and effort to upload photos and write a lengthy entry here (but i love writing if there is people reading!) i have been trying to ‘quit’ social media as i can be an annoying excessive user but uh-oh, i just joined a new platform (HAHAHA). Dayre is like a instagram/twitter but in blog bites. it’s a mini-version of a full blog. i think it suits me way better than twitter since i am only limited to speaking 140 words – which is DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH for me! i love the layout of it too… i don’t have to think of what design template i want it to look like because it has a fixed and yet similar outlook like instagram’s.

so if you have a blog and also on dayre.me, please add me up! 🙂

i’ll still write in this space, but you can find me at www.dayre.me/lifewithvicky for more of my instant short blog post. i like how handy it is!

especially on my new note 3 😉

hear from me soon! x